Swollen Feet

Swollen ankles and feet is pestering problem millions deal with on a daily basis. Whether it’s temporary water weight gain or a daily encounter due to pregnancy, feet can be left in pain, shoes often don’t fit and a list of other annoyances can occur. Feet carry us throughout the day. Giving feet the proper rest and support they need is not only vital to healthy feet, but a person’s general well-being.


For pregnancy or other conditions that render daily swelling, it is prudent to sleep on a couch where legs can be propped up for long durations of time. This is best for people that tend to roll around in their sleep and where placing pillows under their legs won’t suffice. Swelling may reoccur later in the day, but is highly beneficial for the morning and mid-day.
How to relieve swelling

To relieve swelling, place ankles and feet into the coldest water possible or place ice packs onto the feet and ankles. Ice and cold water makes swelling go down. Elevate the swollen feet whenever possible. This will cause the water to drain from the feet into the legs. However, standing for long periods of time will cause the water to drain right back into the feet.

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Use diuretics to rid of excess water. Diuretics help the body to flush out excess water weight. Natural diuretics include celery, watermelon, cucumbers and other fruit and vegetables. Tea and coffee are also beneficial at ridding of excess water weight; however, pregnant women may wish to avoid these and opt for increasing their water amount or opt for fruit and vegetables that help to release water.

Wide Shoes 

While waiting for products and other factors to rid of excess water weight, using wide shoes aimed at water retention or those with wide feet provide relief to sore ankles and feet. Choose a shoe that provides relief with cushioned soles and a sturdy structure. Cosy shoes are optimal for providing relief from water retention.

With daily demands on feet, feet need all the rest and support they can receive. Choosing the best shoe will help provide superb relief while waiting to lose excess water retention.