What could be better than keeping fit and healthy as you earn money? Some jobs are particularly good for the body and the wallet and there is also a host of great ways to make some extra cash from your fit and trim body, making you a double winner. Here are some great ways that your good health can help to earn you some cash.

Gardening is the Full Package

home gardening

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Being a landscape gardener is many people’s dream job because nothing beats getting your hands dirty, being close to nature, and getting paid at the same time. Because it is a very physically demanding job, it helps you burn calories as you work. It is also considered to be a very low stress occupation because you’re outside getting fresh air and getting quality alone time, which helps your health.

Car Sales Could be more Beneficial than You Think

When you think about a healthy job, selling cars is probably not something you think of immediately but according to some experts washing, cleaning, and getting cars ready to sell can burn a large amount of calories and nothing is more relaxing than a bit of meditative polishing. Plus if you are a car enthusiast your job satisfaction levels will also be trough the roof which is good for your health.

Healthy Body and Mind Can Enable Egg Donations

Women who are in peak physical and mental state are eligible to go through the egg donor process which can be an extremely lucrative endeavor. The procedure is much more complex than for male sperm donation and the financial rewards show this. The screening tests for egg donation are vigorous, so this option is only going to be open to those of you who are in peak physical health. It may not be a full-time job but it can certainly make a big difference to your finances.

Fitness Instructors: The Ultimate Health Job?

Getting a job as a private fitness coach could be the perfect way to stay in shape, get some much-needed time outside, and build-up your cash supplies. Leading by example is the only way to go in this profession as clients want to see the proof of your effective techniques when they meet you. There is a growing market for personal trainers who will take one-on-one sessions in the local park, pushing the client to work hard and achieve results. Doing this type of job is great for your health and earns a good wage at the same time. It can also be a great part-time project to earn a bit of extra money before work in the mornings, during the evenings, or weekends.

When it comes down to it, there are many more opportunities for you to earn additional money if you are in good health and are interested in staying healthy. You only get one body, so looking after it is extremely important for your long-term health and money making prospects.