Garbage trucks frequently circulate developed cities. The more developed a place is, the more garbage it produces on a daily basis. Most of the garbage that dump trucks pick up is thrown in landfills that are located far from the city. When we examine the garbage that we get on a daily basis, you’ll discover that 75% of the picked up waste can be recycled. The sad part of this is that only 30% actually makes it to a recycling plant.

Where Does It Begin

Garbage sorting has been proven to be effective in identifying recyclables in garbage. It will require a huge amount of effort on the people who personally throw their trash. The sorting process must start with them. Once it is successfully done, garbage truck owners won’t need to hire agents who will sort the garbage for them. They can easily incinerate those that are non-useful and recycle those that will still have a good use.

Shocking Numbers

We may not realize it, but we produce a lot of waste on an annual basis. We may throw a piece of paper here and there and ignore trash bins but once we sum it all up, you’ll be shocked with the numbers that you will see. Out of the 100% of waste collected in the US, 25 to 35 percent of them come from construction projects. There are 1.2 million homes made in the United States on a yearly basis. That means on a daily basis, there are at least 30,000 houses made every day. A single house will require 13,000 feet of lumber. If you combine all that lumber and form a straight line, the lumber stretch will reach up to 3 million miles. You have enough lumber to circle around the world for 120 times!

Heat for 20 Years

The amount of lumber that goes into waste filling areas is enormous. If you sum up all the paper and wood that people throw away annually, you’ll have enough material to heat 50 million homes for 20 years. If we find a way to collect them and get serious with it, we will definitely make this a better world to live in.

Solid Waste Numbers

The US alone produces 250 million tons of solid waste every year. Not all of them make it as well to the recycling plants. Corporations and individual citizens don’t find enough time to sort out the waste that they have in order to make these solid wastes still useful.


Renewed by Recycling

Every solid waste that we neglect can actually be converted into a new product. Wood can be formed into mulch, fuel or new furniture. Plastic waste can be transformed into moldings and buckets. Paper can become tissue and toilet papers, cardboard boxes and even newspapers. Rocks can be transformed into concrete. Metal can be molded into roofs for houses, furniture; industrial cans and even be used to mold the body of a new car. Glass can be transformed as well into mulch, be used as fuel or even as furniture.

Go Electronic!

Cyber space has in one way or the other helped in minimizing solid waste. Companies can make paper bills electronically available to consumers. They can be sent to your inboxes as an email to fax attachment (offered by RingCentral). All you have to do is open up the file in PDF format. If you insist in having a printed version, you can easily do it at the comforts of your home via your personal printer.

Support Recycled Goods

All of us must be accountable for the waste we produce. As our societies develop and reach new heights let’s make sure that our surroundings will remain pleasantly viewable. Use recycled products so that manufacturers will know that there’s a market for recycled goods.