As you may have already noticed, Google has unleashed a new interface of Gmail upon us; you can activate it by clicking in the left lower corner. To be quite frank – I love it. I think it’s about time they revamped the whole inbox, and the results are just nice to look at. But you should know a few things about it, about what it can and can’t do, so you can make the most of its functionality and avoid wasting time searching for features:

Gmail resizes to fit in any window

No matter what display or what resolution you use, it will resize automatically to perfectly fit your screen – a great feature, that vastly improves functionality and display.

It comes in three display densities

Basically, you can set your inbox from ‘comfortable’ to ‘cozy’ or ‘compact’, thus changing the number of lines which appear on your screen.

You can add a number of themes – which look great

Personally, I like the Graffiti theme, because I enjoy black backgrounds. But you can choose from a wide variety of palettes.

You can adjust the label and chat panes to suit your use

This was another good call by them, and something that many users were asking about.

Each email you receive also displays the sender’s profile photo whenever available

Gmail now sports a wicked all in one search box

The box contains some improved features compared to the old one, but laid in a vertical format that fits with the new design.

Of course, as always when changing something which is as often used as an email inbox, there s always some adjustment time required to get used to the new features. But if you ask me, this change is more than welcome.