With the new year upon us, everybody is talking tech especially what’s in store for us in 2014. Personally I think we need a piece of tech or an app that will help pick the the winning Lottery numbers or the winner in the Aintree Grand National or any other horse race, come to that, but sadly we’ll have to stick to what’s actually available.

Not surprisingly tech gifts are usually packaged for him or for her, but that is a bit yesterday, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the best tech gift ideas, which would suit either sex. Gamers are pretty easy to buy for and very well represented in the gift market.

Playstation 4

playstation 4

photo: playstation.com

You can’t play games without a great console and none comes better than the Sony Playstation 4. This long awaited update to the Sony Playstation has new & improved graphics as it’s been designed from the ground up, enabling you to keep in touch via social media, or connect up to your mobile device.

Gaming headset

Okay, so you’ve got your playstation, you’re going to need a gaming headset. A first class option is the Plantronics RIG gaming headset and mixer. The beauty of this device is that while playing games you won’t have to miss a single call because you can connect your phone via bluetooth and you don’t even have to pause the game. Comfortable to wear and compatible with all the top platforms including Windows, Mac, Xbox and PS.



Photo: trustedreviews.com

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What about the viewing experience? After all you don’t want a HD game to be played on a 12 inch TV! When money is no object and you want that full screen experience, look no further than the JVC DLA-X35 3D D-ILA Projector. At around £4000 it achieves 1,300 lumen brightness and a 50000:1 contrast ratio. This projector will give you cinematic film quality and you can switch between 2D and 3D plus you can also use your smartphone to control the screen.

Smart Beer!

When you need some refreshment Krups have come up with the Beer Tender, a smarter version of the traditional keg tap for beer. Built in carbonator technology it keeps the beer fresh for 30 days and automatically adds the right amount of foam to your drink. Indicators tell you when you’re running dry and a ready to drink icon tells you when the temperature is correct.

Tool chest

That’s the gamers taken care of but what about the rest of your life, assuming you have one outside the fantasy world of Call of Duty. If you’re into DIY you are going to need a tool chest and the Ultima Tool Chest with 15 drawers made of stainless steel comes equipped with 22” LCD TV, a fridge, a DVD & CD player not to mention a full stereo system! You’ll never have to leave your garage again.

Remote music library

Like your music but don’t need the toolbox? Then why not try out the Soundtouch 30 Wi-Fi music system from Bose which allows you to listen to your home music libraries through a Wi-Fi connection. You also get access to international music services such as DEEZER and IHeartradio and it’s equipped with infrared remote, aux input, USB and Ethernet ports.

A Pebble


Need a timepiece? Then the Pebble could be the one for you. Not the first smart watch, but probably the best around at the moment. It operates with Android and iPhones and lets you see who’s calling, emailing or texting you without having to take a phone from your pocket or bag. You can also change music tracks on your phone from across a room and download slick watch faces plus it comes with loads of apps.

The DoorBot

Looking for tech to make life easier? How about DoorBot, a high tech replacement for the doorbell. It uses Wi-Fi and an adjustable night vision camera to let you see who’s at the door and you can talk to them via an Android or IOS smartphone. It also allows you to open the door remotely if you add Lockitron.

Flower Power

Keen plant lovers need Flower Power. It pops into a flowerpot and monitors whether the plant needs more water, a different temperature, or more light. The wireless wand passes the data it collects by connecting to an app with a database of more than 6000 plants.

So whether you’re a gamer or gardener there’s a piece fo tech out there for you in 2014!

Simone Wright-Eddison is a contributor to many of the internet’s top racing portals, when not writing, watching or discussing horses Simone can be found following her other passion – Munster Rugby. You can follow Simone on twitter @grandnational09