If you’re determined to hang on for dear life to your iPhone 5 rather than switching with the masses to the 5c or 5s, check out your options, pat yourself on the back for your patience, and dig your heels in to the ground as you wait it out for the next smaller, better, and even more beautiful and secure generation of iPhones. The wait will be worth it. In the meantime, however, you might as well take advantage of your companion iPhone 5 and ensure that its security has nothing left to be desired, as malware balloons into the Apple world, phones are constantly lost and stolen, and your device is a precious and pricey piece of metal. There are a few apps that you can get – and many at no cost – that will double bar the doors of your phone so that none may enter, making your handset that much more safe until your next upgrade comes along.

Now in version 2.0.3, Find My iPhone is perhaps at its most handy. The free Apple-engineered app helps iPhones (and iPads, and Mac laptops) to never go missing. If you happen to misplace your device or if your iPhone knowingly gets stolen, you can simply download and run the app from another iOS device, log in with your Apple ID and then do one of a few things. If you suspect your missing device is near, you can play a loud sound for two full minutes in order to find it. If it’s been lost at a further range, you can lock your device and display a Help message to whoever might find it. In the case of a stolen iPhone, you have the option to erase all of your data remotely from the app, lock the phone, and track its exact GPS location as well as where it has been, so that you can get busy finding it fast. This clever programme will even give you driving directions to the location of the missing iPhone, and can give a contact number to whoever finds the phone when lost so that your chances of getting it back are quite good. This is an essential app to have on your iPhone 5, as it is optimized for that model, and may end up saving your phone from tragedy in the end.

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While not quite as fundamentally important as the above, Norton Snap can be just as important to the security of your iPhone 5 if you are one of the many users of QR codes, the scannable two-toned barcode images that are showing up everywhere these days. When you scan a QR code into your smartphone, it brings you to a website location that the creators programmed into the image – usually, it’s an innocent event page or mundane URL giving you more information about whatever it originated from. For instance, you might scan a QR code from a festival flyer, and it would lead you to the festival’s main website or ticket purchase area. But with hackers now caught falsifying QR codes to lead to unsecure and dangerous websites, you need Norton Snap QR code reader to separate the real from the scam. The programme assesses the safety of each website you try to visit, and blocks those who seem to want to steal your data or hack through your information. The black interface is clean and simple, and your random browsing is made 100% safe with the Norton Verified seal of safety approval.

Other security apps you may want to consider are WiseId and HotSpot Shield VPN which protect your private data and keep you encrypted even in public, but remember that just by virtue of having an iPhone 5, you are at far less risk of getting a bug or hiccup than many other phones, but much more at risk of getting the device stolen. Keep Find My iPhone on your handset at all times to never lose track of your favorite pocket computer.