Eco Rubbish Removal

Eco Rubbish Removal

It’s clear that this planet can’t take it too much. Mother Earth has cut us humans a lot of slack in the past, but there’s only so much she can stand. It’s important that we, as responsible citizens of this planet, do our parts and leave the slightest carbon footprint possible. Whether it’s walking to work instead of driving, buying eco-friendly light bulbs (read LED!) or recycling your waste instead of just throwing rubbish away, it’s vital that we all do our small bit to help turn the world a little bit greener. One of the most damaging things to our environment are the vast areas of landfills which populate our world. You would think that in this day and age we would have come up with better and greener ways to get rid of our waste. Well finally, there is an alternative to landfills.

Here are some of the advantages of going green and using an environmentally friendly rubbish removal service.

No Skips!

Skips & Flowers

Can Use Skips for Flower Growing Instead

Hiring an eco-rubbish removal service negates the need for hiring a skip. This means you don’t have to worry about over filled skips which aren’t very environmentally friendly as it can attract nasty rodents and unwanted creatures. Not only that, but a skip will probably need a permit if it’s on the street and often the skip doesn’t take certain types of waste. With most rubbish removal services, all waste types are taken.

Everything is Recycled



Everything that’s collected using a removal service, that can’t be rehomed along with all other rubbish and materials, is taken to a licensed recycling facility. Once there, it’s processed through various stages to extract and separate the different materials to be recycled and can be used again in industry. Usually, anything that can’t be recycled is used to produce refuse derived fuel, which as a coal replacement is used in power stations and industry power processes. This is how many eco-rubbish removal services such as Clearbee rubbish removals are able to achieve zero landfill, which saves a lot of waste and is a massive help to our environment.

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Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Carbon neutrality is the process of eliminating or offsetting your carbon outputs by adding environmental practices to your business to battle the carbon outputs. Carbon offsets include purchasing renewable energy sources like biodiesel. Many Eco rubbish removal companies are carbon neutral so using these environmentally friendly services will send out a clear message that you care about the state of the environment.

Unwanted Items are Rehomed


Bear !!

Most people tend to throw out many house hold items that aren’t of any use to them, but they fail to realise that what might be no use to them, might be of use to others. Many eco removals take your unwanted furniture and items and pass them onto families on very low incomes. This means that your decent unwanted items go on to benefit others, instead of adding to the UK’s landfill problems.

Hopefully, this article has made you think about some of the benefits of hiring an eco-rubbish removal service and why doing so can help make removing waste as environmentally friendly as possible. For instance, there’s a town in Germany that recycles 70% of their garbage! If they can do it, so can anyone else.

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