Eco PS4 Concept - Energy Saving from Sony

Eco PS4 Concept – Energy Saving from Sony

The gaming industry is a fierce battleground between companies, everyone constantly updating and rushing their next console out the door to keep up or ahead of their competitors. Keeping ahead of the game means working fast, and although the updated versions are new and improved, more thought could be put into design to tweak and refine them.

Take the PS3 for example – the first generation was a larger console that consumed around 200 watts of power when in use. Eventually, after a little design changes, Sony released the slimmer ‘PS3 Slim’, a more energy efficient version of the original.  Not only sleeker in design, this machine only needed less than half the amount of power. Being a slimmer machine, fewer materials are needed to build it, another greener aspect. This was great for eco gamers online stores such as TESCO Entertainment for PS3 games had an increase in units which shows the increase in the way we have a much more environmentally conscious society.

Jospeh Dumary – PS4 Eco Concept

Joseph Dumary – Sleek Design

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Haitian designer, Joseph Dumary has added to the hype over the much-anticipated PS4 by designing an aesthetically pleasing concept, very sleek and stylish. Like most ‘initial releases’ Dumary has put a lot of thought into its potential evolution by skipping the usual larger, less energy efficient designs and taking it straight to a more elegant, minimalist machine.

Dumary’s vision features a multitude of energy-saving attributes, such as a standby mode that uses no power, a restart function that allows the user to pick up from where the game was left, rather than having to complete a restart from the beginning. This concept also has integral rechargeable battery that takes over after five minutes out of every 30 to power the system. Amazingly, this compact and attractive console is made from 60% recyclable materials.

Although the console features cutting edge technology like 3D compatibility, USB 3.0 ports, DLNA, and 4K2K compatibility, it is unlikely Sony will ever manufacture it, which should leave some food for thought on future design methods in avoiding having to update and tweak larger models just to get them out the door quicker. Dumary’s efforts have shown how to design a machine that is more environmentally friendly and stylish if a little thought and a little more time were used at the blueprint stage.

Keep Your Console Green

For any PS3 owners who are looking for any green tips to be environmentally friendly, the simple act of unplugging it when not in use is a good start. Admittedly, when not in use, the console only consumes a tiny amount of energy, but it all adds up. If you are planning on buying the PS4 when it finally hits the shelves, recycle your PS3 by either selling it or donating it to a school or charity instead of it ending up in a landfill.

Joseph Dumary has shown how it’s done with his stylish concept, so let’s hope Sony take some inspiration into taking the responsibility of designing greener initial console releases.