Commerge Guys, the American-French company which develops the Drupal Commerce product (built on CMS Drupal 7), announced they secured a $5 million in a Series A round – with the money coming from two different companies from Paris, France (Alven Capital and ISAI) and one from Finland (Open Ocean Capital).

Drupal is an open-source content management software (or CMS) currently used by over 10.000 sites worldwide, aimed particularly at online stores. With the money Commerge Guys announced they intend to hire some 30 people, practically doubling the 37 staff members they have at the moment; the job openings will be based in Michigan, US, and in Paris, France.

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“We are very excited to be supported by Alven Capital, Open Ocean and ISAI in taking Commerce Guys to the next level,” said Frédéric Plais, CEO and Co-founder, Commerce Guys. “The funds will propel our efforts to expand the Drupal Commerce technology and ecosystem to both global and emerging eCommerce companies.”

The company’s Drupal Commerce solution is practically a framework which lets online retailers upload catalogs, accept payments, integrate with shipping services, interact with customers as a contact management software and more – it’s exactly this kind of application which is valued by investors.

“Alven has a long history of funding eCommerce start-ups and we know how important it is to have the right underlying technology. Drupal Commerce offers e-merchants the kind of flexibility and innovation they need to execute successfully in the marketplace,” said Nicolas Celier, Partner, Alven Capital.

As an enterprise-grade platform which already showed it can power some of the busiest sites in the world, Drupal allows organizations to develop a strategic, long term, sustainable strategy; the contentt management software requires no licensing fees, and saved numerous organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual fees, while offering unprecedented flexibility and options. Countless companies should be grateful to Commerce Guys for this.

“We understand the power of open-source as a strategic, long-term and robust technology solution,” said Tom Henriksson, partner, Open Ocean and Commerce Guys strategic committee member. “We believe that Drupal Commerce is positioned to be a leading solution in the eCommerce software industry. We are excited to support Commerce Guys in developing a rapidly scalable business rooted in the vibrant open-source Drupal community.”