converged-devicesWith mobile phones, you can easily contact anyone even if it is an overseas or local call. When you cannot contact a person because he or she forgot to bring his or her phone, you can send him or her text messages. Aside from communication, the mobile phone also has features that help you during the day such as an alarm clock, calculator, music player, and even an Internet browser.

The mobile phone has made its breakthrough in today’s society because of the advantages that are being enjoyed by a lot of people. Most of us know how to use his or her mobile phone, and the features that came along with it.

Addressing Students’ Needs

Being a student is not easy especially in dealing with paper works for many coming years. To make a student’s life easy, the mobile phone offers a lot of features. First, it is easy to communicate with classmates, teachers and family. Second, you can use applications for easy studying such as a calculator for math subjects. It also has applications that help you with words such as dictionaries and notebooks apps. Third, just like the computer, a mobile phone can easily access the Internet using a mobile Internet browser such as Opera Mini. This is convenient for students when they need to search for information about a certain subject. Fourth, mobile phones are also a good option for storing files when a student does not have a USB flash drive. It has a memory card or Bluetooth device that students can use to share files or documents that are useful for their subjects.

Business Executives

Being a businessman is a serious job. You have to face business partners and clients who are always on the go. Aside from that, you will be busy travelling and transacting business matters. With a mobile phone, mobile communication is now possible. There are lots of mobile phones that are available for voice or video calling.

With the modern advancement, it is possible for you to conduct business anywhere since the integration of business phone systems and Internet-capable mobile is now made possible by most VoIP phone providers. You can manage calls through your own phone, business or non-business related. You can conveniently bring work everywhere you go.

Journalist or news reporter

As a media personnel, you must always be updated of the latest news around the world about health, sports, business, politics, etc. You need to write or report about it immediately before others can. With a mobile phone, you get news quickly from friends or people who are your direct source of information. It is also a need for you to be contacted by the news office. So if you have a story, you can either call or text it to your network’s news room and they will edit it for you. In addition, you can take snapshots of scenes using your mobile camera to cover your story such as a murder case, calamity, or any tragic event.

Communication is a great part of our lives.  Who would not want to express his or her idea, thoughts, feelings and opinions to someone especially when it is important? If we try to go back to the way we used to communicate, people used telegrams, snail mails (although it is still being used today), and messengers.  Although these communication tools were effective, it still took so long for a person to receive a message.  However, communication changed because of technology.

Mobile phones have made communication possible, whatever a person does and wherever he or she goes. The communication era has certainly taken its place in the modern society.