Communications TechnologyCommunication has always been vital in our daily lives. This is the reason that various ways of communicating are improved year after year. Of course, the very basic method of communicating is through speech or conversation. Other ways include texts, radio and video. The thing is, people always innovate new ways to achieve a clearer, stronger and more precise communication. To learn more, here are some points you may be interested with.

Traditional Communication

The 20th century was the time when many of the first inventions were witnessed by the world. Below are some of the ways used by people to communicate decades ago.

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  • Snail mail. During the time when there was no advanced method of communication yet, people used to send hand written mails. It could be a love letter, a business letter or a letter of invitation. Though people like it because it has a personal touch, it takes a lot of time before the message is conveyed to the recipient.


  • Telegram. If there are messages that need to be sent hurriedly to the concerned party, people use telegram. During that time when telephones and Internet are non-existent yet, telegraphy is the fastest way of sending messages. The method was invented in 1800s and the most popular code used by telegraph operators was the Morse code.


  • Telephone. The telephone was one of the popular inventions during the last century. It was invented by Alexander Graham Bell and had a great effect in terms of connecting people. It also greatly contributed to the faster growth of economies. However, if one will compare it to the Internet that we have today, it is limited by time. In addition, it incurs a lot of expenses on the part of subscribers be it a residential house or a business.

Modern Communication

  • Mobile phones. One of the popular electronic devices of the 21st century is the mobile phone. Because it is handy, people can carry it anywhere they go. This eliminates time and location as limitations for faster and better communication. There are now plans that consumers can subscribe to. They can choose to have a prepaid or post-paid plan. The latest type of mobile phones is the smartphones which offer more sophisticated features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Internet. The invention that has greatly influenced the lives of the people is the Internet. Today, we can see that being away from your home country is not that hard anymore. This is because with the inception of the Internet, there are now communication methods that allow people to communicate with each other like they’re physically together. For example, the video conferencing application allows people from two very distant places to talk and see each other through video screens.