A lot of people hear talk and read news about the continuous emergence of cloud computing in the Internet nowadays. Hundreds of businesses are taking steps to take their business process to the next level by introducing cloud computing to their framework and surrendering part or the entirety of their services to the mercy of the Internet.

 Beyond the Clouds

Various types and faces of businesses have made the move from ordinary IT architectures to cloud-based computing infrastructures. The following are but a few enterprises that have either moved their businesses up to the Cloud or devised entirely new breeds of businesses that harness the infinite capabilities of cloud computing:


  • DropBoxknown to a lot of customers as the popular file-sharing service, DropBox actually operates on the Cloud as a form of cloud computing service called cloud storage. By opening its vast stores of hardware storage to customers and even other businesses, it has simplified the concept of storage as we know it: never again will people need to carry around bulky storage media to hold their personal information. For as long as you have access to an internet-ready device, you can easily gain access to your files on the Cloud and move them between computers and mobile devices.


  • Steamgamers worldwide know and speak of this cloud service giant as one of the progenitors of cloud computing in gaming. By offering game titles to customers in a digital fashion and working on the same architecture of cloud storage to digitally store games in your own private collection, gamers are guaranteed that they gain access to game titles wherever they are in the world and have virtually no need for maintenance of physical game copies. As their collection is completely compiled and stored in the Steam cloud, they have no need to move game copies around between computers, just downloading them from their accounts and enjoying the game wherever they are.


  • RingCentral a popular provider of phone services, they simplify communications for businesses as we know it by introducing the might of the Internet to take over the duties of the normal telephone. Whether it’s for businesses that operate on distant locations and remote sites across the continent or the world, employees and managers can easily communicate with one another through the wonders of internet telephony.


  • IBM once known as one of the hardware giants and prime providers of quality computers to hundreds and thousands of enterprises worldwide, IBM has now branched out its services to the Cloud as well by offering small-time businesses and even growing corporations the opportunity to host their information systems through IBM’s cloud computing service. By offering faster access to their sites and easier facilitation of server management activities in a completely virtual environment, customers are spared the trouble of having to fund their own physical IT architecture and spending for the software license required by their information systems.


More and more businesses are joining the initiative to move their services to the Cloud and in response, a lot of cloud computing services have been made available to cater for this emerging trend. Customers around the world get more and more empowered to utilize the Internet for their business needs through the wonders of cloud computing services.