Brushing twice a day for two minutes, per doctor’s orders, might not seem at all that long but over a year that’s a whole day spent cleaning your teeth. With this in mind, a couple of talented designers got the idea to reinvented brushing by devising an automated toothbrush that cleans all your teeth, at once, in just 10 seconds.

Called the Amabrush, this device is designed to come in contact with all your teeth like a casting mold. It consists of three main components: a bacteria-resistant silicone mouthpiece, a handpiece, and toothpaste capsules. The end result looks something like a pacifier for adults. You just pop one in your mouth and push a button.


Credit: Kickstarter: Amabrush

To clean your dentures, the device induces strong vibrations whose waves vary during the sessions as instructed by an algorithm. Since the automated toothbrush comes in contact with all the teeth in the mouth at the same time, these get cleaned much faster versus brushing single teeth back and forth with a traditional toothbrush, electric or otherwise.

The integrated battery also lasts for 28 sessions meaning you can brush your teeth for at least two weeks, twice a day without needing to recharge.

The mouthpiece is made from bacteria-resistant silicone and features 3D brisltes on both sides (Kickstarter: Amabrush)

The mouthpiece is made from bacteria-resistant silicone and features 3D bristles on both sides. The bristles are comparable to soft-bristled toothbrushes. (Credit: Kickstarter, Amabrush)

Of course, many of you who’ve been brushing teeth the old fashion way might find this device useless. Indeed, there’s nothing wrong with that. Plenty of people brush their teeth the same way it’s been for decades and they have healthy gums and teeth. However, there are many other folks who struggle with their dental routine. For them, the Amabrush might be a godsend.

For now, the people of Amabrush are raising money for their product on Kickstarter. Pre-orders start at 79€ ($90) and things are going well so far. The project has raised over a million euros with 23 days left to go, despite its goal was to raise just 50,000€.