Since the popularity of the Internet and related technologies to it such as smartphones and social networking sites, hundreds and hundreds of applications, or simply apps, have been and still are being created. Usually, these apps are meant to address the entertainment needs of the users while there are also apps that are meant for business purposes. One of the latest apps that can be optimized by businesses is the iOS Passbook pass.


Recently, there has been a fuss about the Passbook pass. It has been trending on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. As it seems, it is one of the hottest apps today. Many are saying that this app will significantly influence the way people transact money and the way mobile payment is performed. So to help you out, read on below the facts that you need to know about the iOS Passbook pass.


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  • Introduction of Passbook pass. Last June 2012 at the Worldwide Development conference, Apple made an announcement about e-wallet. According to the company, it is an app that can be used as a mobile wallet. The app is completely integrated to the latest operating from Apple, the iOS 6.


  • Passbook as a new marketing tool. Businesses can definitely benefit from this app. It is cost-efficient since businesses do not have to spend money on the printing of paper coupons. Distribution of these coupons can now be done through smartphones, specifically iPhones. Aside from this advantage, businesses can also optimize the app in advertising products or services. With the millions of users of iPhones nowadays, you surely have a huge target market. With this app, you are actually hitting two birds with one stone.


  • Passbook as the new credit card. Everything is changing and the same is true with credit cards. With Passbook that can work the way a credit card does, there will come a time that no plastic credit cards will be of use anymore. So, credit card companies such as MasterCard and Visa should be threatened. With Passbook as the credit card, users can accomplish tasks such as shopping of various items and purchasing of airline tickets without the use of an actual credit card. No swapping is needed as everything will be processed using the app.


  • Added features. What makes the Passbook a better app is its added features. These are Calendar Updates, Push Updates and Geolocation. The Geolocation in particular is a very smart feature. Why is that? Well, it allows iPhone users to automatically receive a pass whenever they are nearby or inside a particular establishment that uses the app for their transactions. The creator of the Pass, which is the establishment, is responsible in choosing which Pass will pop out on the Lock Scree of the user’s iPhone. Usually, the Pass is a loyalty card or a discount coupon. This feature is very beneficial for iPhone users as they can immediately redeem the promo if they want to.


Having said all these, businesses and smartphones users as well should not think twice about using the app. For one, there is an increasing trend on the number of users of smartphones and it is likely to stay that way for the coming years. This means that requirements for the Passbook pass app to run is there. Businesses can use this app in tandem with third-party services, such as a RingCentral small business phone subscription, or other existing virtual private network subscription, for even more secure transactions.