Congratulations! Now that you’ve found the Han Solo to your Leia (or the Uhura to your Spock), it’s time to say goodbye to Singles Awareness Day and hello to Valentine’s Day, the most romantic holiday of the year. And because geeks do it better, there are certain things that are expected of you even if it’s just participating in what some would call a mere Hallmark holiday. So what do you give that special geek in your life? Do you settle for flowers, chocolates or a cheesy card that says ‘XOXO?’ Before you try that tired old tack, check out these five romantically geeky gift ideas first.

#1 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Said to be the best e-reader on the market today, the Kindle Paperwhite comes with a front-lit screen that makes reading a more pleasurable experience. The increased contrast is said to “come much closer to the ideal of blank ink on white paper,” which we think would make any hardcore real book advocate reconsider. And unlike other tablets, the Paperwhite has a flat matte screen so your sweetie wouldn’t be distracted by the reflection of his/her lovely visage while reading his/her favorite e-book. It’s also lightweight, with a long battery life and is reasonably-priced at $119.

#2 Pen Sized Scanner

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You may have heard of the pen being mightier than the sword, which we don’t actually subscribe to since we own a pretty badass Master Replicas Yoda Force FX Lightsaber. But we’re willing to admit that there are cases where, indeed, the pen could be as amazing as any toy sword. Enter Hammacher Schlemmer’s Pen Sized Scanner that can record voice memos and take pictures. Boasting 1GB of storage, this nifty gadget has a five-megapixel image sensor combined with an autofocus lens, which your beloved can use to take photos of anything from receipts to letters and highly classified documents. It also has an integrated microphone so your adorkable sweetheart can record wonderfully awkward love notes and more in WAV format.

#3 i’m Watch

Why give your dearest a Rolex when you can give him or her a smartwatch with 4GB of built-in storage? Sure, it’s not the sexiest watch you can give a special someone; it’s a bit bulky, and some may even find it uncomfortable to wear. But it’s the perfect companion to your honey’s iPhone or Android phone— aside from being a functional time-telling device, of course. With its touchscreen interface, users can easily answer calls, receive text messages, emails, and other notifications. It can also perform as a speakerphone, run its own apps, and even access social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s a bit pricy though, and it can set you back $1049 if you get the Titanium version. You can, however, get the most basic i’m Watch at $349. It’s still pricy and we wish that it comes preloaded with a RingCentral call forwarding app; but given its other capabilities, we are willing to bet that your darling will love it.

#4 Classic Nintendo USB Controller

Simon Pegg once said that being a geek is “basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult.” And if there’s ever an authority on geekiness, we would trust the guy who co-wrote Shaun of the Dead and played Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in STXI. Now, speaking of emoting on a somewhat childish level, we are quite sure that a Classic Nintendo USB Controller is one of the best ways for your baby to relive some of the classic games of our childhood such as Super Mario Bros., Double Dragon, and Punch Out.  Not only does it work for both PC and Mac, it also features convenient plug-n-play USB connectivity, and is powered by generous gobs of nostalgia.