Scientists connect brain to a basic tablet – paralyzed patient googles with ease

We’re living in the future.

Tablet computers as thin and flexible as a sheet of paper hint to the office of the future

The year is 2013, but offices and business headquarters are still riddled with stacks and tonnes of paper. The future is disappointing. Researchers at Queen’s University, in collaboration with  Plastic Logic and Intel Labs, recently unveiled an extremely interesting concept which address this issue and aims to put both office work and leisure desk activities into the 21 century – tablet-like displays as

5 of the Coolest Tech Gifts for Kids and Teens

It’s that time of month again when kids draw up their long wish lists for Santa. Why not surprise them this year with some of the coolest tech gifts only a parent’s love can give?  These gifts are perfect for the holidays or for any time of the year you just want to do something cool for your child. uDraw

Getting Things Done with Technology

With technology, many things are now simpler and faster to do. It has become one of the few incredible inventions found anywhere in the globe. Communication has also been easier than before. Connecting to people around the globe can only take seconds now. To know more the latest technological advancements, here are three high-tech gadgets and their uses that you

Amazon App Store released for for android devices. Sued by Apple.

There’s a lot going on this week in the scene. Besides the release of the iPad 2 by apple and the Blackberry Playbook, RIM’s response to the iPad, it seems like the giant online retailer Amazon is entering the mobile applications market with its own marketplace, simply named Amazon App Store like its Apple counterpart, exclusively for Android mobile devices.

1962 invention could be worth billions

When the ultra-strong glass was invented more than 40 years ago, it was labeled as interesting, but a manufacturing use for it was hard to find. This glass is about three times harder than regular glass, while it’s also thinner (about as thin as a dime). The so called Gorilla glass will probably be worth billions, when it will be