5 Fantastic Eco-Friendly Ski Resorts for Families

Avid skiers love the feeling of the snow under their skis and the wind rushing past their faces as they glide down a mountain. Many enjoy the chance to be alone in the outdoors as their bodies respond to the elements of nature. Despite this communion with nature, ski resorts are not always kind to the environment; they consume a

Skiers and Snowboarders Running Out of Excuses for Not Wearing Helmets

Skiers and snowboarders who wear helmets don’t take more risks or increase their speed on the slopes – but they do decrease their risk of traumatic head injury. Despite evidence of the ski helmet’s protective qualities, usage rates are not increasing fast enough with the number of new people taking up skiing at top ski resorts such as the French Ski resort Val

Green Skiing for 2014 Season

For those of us who are conscious of our environment, finding eco-friendly getaways and resorts is a number one priority. Although we may feel closer to nature during mountain trips, not all of these resorts place natural habitats in their frame of reference. The Ski Area Citizen’s Coalition compiled a super-eco list that rated the country’s top ski resorts based