3D-printed bionic skin can give bots a sense of touch, protect soldiers from explosions

Show me some skin!

Just by adding water to silicon nanoparticles, scientists almost instantly produced hydrogen

Hydrogen is an extremely appealing energy source, despite the immense hurdles than come with storing it. Still fuel cells based on hydrogen are extremely useful, and a team of researchers at University at Buffalo may have found the fastest and most effective way of obtaining this element. Basically, it’s as easy as adding water. The scientists produced spherical silicon particles about 10

Graphene closer to replacing chips thanks to ‘big mac’ structure

I was recently telling you about graphene, the wonder material that promises to bring significant technological advancements – and the promise is almost delivered. A team of researchers from Manchester have developed a sandwich-like architecture that is one step closer to replacing silicone. Graphene is, in (extremely) light terms, a one atom thick planar sheet of carbon. The material, the