DARPA to launch satellite recycling program

Satellite deployments make up most of the space launches in any given year, however it’s also a highly risky operation. Every satellite launch costs around $10,000 per pound, and basically it’s fairly common for the total cost of a satellite to jump in the tens of millions of dollars range. Currently, in the geosynchronous orbit there are literary hundreds of billions

Iran will launch a monkey into space

Last year, Iran successfully launched a rocket that carried a mouse, a turtle and worms into space. This summer, the Iranian Space Organization is planning on taking its space program one step further by sending a monkey into orbit this summer. This was revealed this Thursday by Iran’s top space official at a press conference  after the launch of the

Amazing video shows the world’s daily air traffic in one minute

  This video was shot from satellite, and it displays every plane as a yellow dot, highlighting the world’s air traffic in some 70 seconds. Absoultely brilliant – it looks just like a hornet’s nest, doesn’t it?

Map of average chlorophyll levels in the world

As you should know, chlorophyll is the biomolecule responsible for turning sunlight into energy; but what you probably don’t know is that a satellite, GeoEye’s OrbView 2 satellite, was launched with the main goal of monitoring chlorophyll levels on the planet. Another interesting fact about this particular satellite is that Google has exclusive online mapping use of it, but that’s

NASA satellite crashes deal serious blow to geoscience efforts

NASA is going through a whole lot during period: discussions about budget cuts, problems with launches, even with Hubble, and many, many more smaller or bigger problems are denting one of the finest organizations in the world. But a pair of costly satellite crashes mean dealt an even more severe blow to the space agency, especially to the earth science

Private Company SpaceX Delivers First Payload to Orbit

Private company SpaceX has successfully delivered its first payload into orbit. It was the second successful launch for the company, which aims to reduce the cost of reaching orbit by a factor of ten. The launch took place Monday from Omelek in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii. The two-stage Falcon 1 rocket carried RazakSAT,

Two pictures show the progress of technology – first and finest picture of Earth

    Our life may be better or worse, our health may be better or worse, but one thing has definitely improved over the past decades: technology; and that’s a really big thing. So what better way to prove the progress of technology than 2 pictures of Earth? The first was taken from the weather satellite TIROS-1, on April 1,