How to prevent oil mist: the unseen peril of technology manufacturing

In a machine shop environment all kinds of physical dangers can arise during manufacturing. Operators, depending on how safe the environment they work is in, may be exposed to such risks as  slip-and-falls, lacerations, lifting-related strains or burns. As such, certain safety measures are typically taken which all operators need to adhere to for their own protection. Manufacturing technology, be it

Synthetic ‘living crystals’ might offer insights into origin of life

Scientists at  New York University have created a type of synthetic particles that can bind and assemble into clusters, similar to how flocks of birds or schools of fish organize themselves in complicated patterns. Self-assembling materials are far from being new, but what distinguishes this new research is that the particles eventually organize themselves in what the authors call “living crystals”.

Large Hadron Collider creates mini big bangs and incredible heat

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN has taken another step towards its goal of finding the so called ‘god particle‘: it recently produced the highest temperatures ever obtained through a science experiment. The day before yesterday, 7 November was a big one at the LHC, as the particle collider started smashing lead ions head-on instead of the proton – proton