Why do zebras have stripes? To ward off blood-sucking insects

The leading theory that explains why zebras are striped (remember the age old riddle? black stripes on white or white stripes on black?) is because it offers them protection against predators, by providing camouflage, as colour blind animals confuse the strips with tall grass in the savanna. A team of researchers from Hungary, however, offer a different, scientific take regarding the development

Cyborg insects on the front line of future disaster response

After a devastating earthquake, most often buildings will crumble trapping people inside its ruins. Search and rescue teams work effortsly in such situation, employing both high tech solutions like heat-seeking or the simple, yet ever effective trained dogs to save people. Twenty four hours after a disaster though, the chances of a person trapped alive in the rubble to survive

Fire ants building life-saving rafts against floods [amazing photos]

In what can only be described as an incredible natural engineering feat, fire ants in times of floods have the remarkable ability link up with one another to form a life-saving, floating and impenetrable raft. While this is an attested ability for a long time now, scientists have only recently managed to understand how the fire ants can assemble a

Insects created out of ammunition – Steampunk at its finest!

Tom Hardwidge is an exceptional English artist who loves to sculpture insects, he calls arthrobots, from… ammunition. Don’t be alarmed though, it’s deactivated ammunition. Besides various ammunition of different calibers, he ornaments his steampunk art with old gears and sprockets from broken pocket watches, along with sheet copper, brass and aluminum to make it easier to attach limbs and wings,

3 amazing pictures of insects covered in dew

Insects often seem to have a world of their own, and seeing them covered in dew just gives a whole new perspective onto that world.    

Insects To Solve Crimes

    There is a need to train more and more forensic scientists. And more and more people want to be a part of the forensic thing. CSI series probably played a role in that. But lots of the forensic research part is not showed in the series – they just show the glitter, and most of the time misrepresent