What a 75-years-long study says about what makes people happiest

It’s not money, it’s not fame or glory. It’s all about healthy relationships. Enjoy this masterful TED talk!

Rich but not happier — why economic growth doesn’t always translate to happiness

It’s easy to assume that with economic gain comes happiness — we live in capitalism, after all. But science comes to prove us all wrong yet again, and shows that the link between economics and happiness is much more complicated that we thought. Money can’t buy happiness, it seems.

Spanish is the happiest language in the world, new study reveals

Researchers have theoretized for some time that our languages are skewed towards happy words – with some more skewed than others. A new study conducted on 10 different languages confirmed this idea, and also found that Spanish is the happiest language, while Chinese is the most balanced.

Higher income associated with less sadness, but not more happiness

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you less sadness – a new study has found that higher income doesn’t really correlate to happiness, but it correlates negatively with sadness.

The road to happiness is paved with many surprises

Sometimes, we go through situations thinking when we reach the end of the road the outcome will feel gloom. But sometimes, the exact opposite happens and we’re flooded with absolute joy, the kind of which we couldn’t have experienced were we to expect that outcome. In a word, this is called surprise.

Mathematical equation predicts happiness

Scientists successfully predicted human happiness using a mathematical equation – you too can use the smartphone app they developed and be a part of the experiment.

If you want to be happier, spend more money on others

A new research paper written by psychologists Elizabeth Dunn and Lara Aknin, along with Michael Norton of Harvard Business School shows that there’s a clear and simple way to be more happy in life – spending more money on others. The notion of generosity has been greatly debated among scientists lately – and it’s not just psychologists that are chipping

Living a happy or meaningful life – what’s the difference?

While happiness and meaningfulness often overlap, the two are distinct states of being. A Stanford project looked into the lives of various people inline between the two and found some key differences based on how people choose spend their time and what experiences they cultivate. The findings may surprise some of you, while others will choose to dismiss them. After all,

The World’s happiest countries: Europe takes 8 out of first 10 places

The United Nations General Assembly has just released its second annual World Happiness Report, measuring happiness and well-being in countries around the world in an attempt to help guide public policy; it has been consistently shown that happiness plays an important role in society – happy people live longer, have more productive lives, earn higher wages, and in general, are

Gloomy men are more sexually attractive than happy looking fellas

I a recent study published by the University of British Columbia, Canada, it seems women are more sexually attracted by men who display a more gloomy complexion or awareness of social norms by displaying shame, than men who look happy all the time. The study published online Tuesday in the American Psychological Association journal Emotion showed pictures of the opposite

Is it possible to inherit happiness?

So here it is: a new study comes to show that the way we feel throughout our lives may determine our children’s development. It’s all a problem of chemistry: the “chemistry” of happiness or sadness. However, don’t think that the fact that one’s parents had a bad day at work turned him or her into a emo kid. The other