Time Lapse Video Shows Glacier Retreat

Fox Glacier is one of the most spectacular sights in New Zealand, receiving on average over 1,000 visits every day. Sadly, like many other glaciers, Fox Glacier is retreating rapidly due to climate change. A pair of before-and-after images 10 year apart highlightthis perfectly, just like the time-lapse video below does.

Iceberg the size of Singapore breaks away from Antarctica

  An iceberg the size of Singapore has separated from Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier This kind of detachment is not uncommon, but rarely on this magnitude Singapore is an island-city-state, about the size of Budapest or Dubai   Between November 9–11, 2013, a large iceberg finally separated from the calving front of Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier. Scientists first detected an

Antarctica in the past: warm and flat, before glaciers shaped it

We have a rather sound image in our heads of Antarctica: cold, barren and damn well inhospitable. Million of years ago before a big freeze turned the continent into a huge popsicle, Antarctica was flat, covered in vegetation and riddled with flowing rivers and life. University of Arizona researchers have sampled key sediments from the Lambert Graben valley and have uncovered details

Glacier in Chile retreats half a mile in a year

According to Chile’s Centre for Scientific Studies (CECs) it seems like an array of glaciers located in the country’s south have shrunk extensively recently. One such glacier, the Jorge Montt, was documented for a whole year by researchers who observed that its rate of shrinkage is the largest in the country, with snout retreating a whopping 1 kilometer during the

Artificial glacier to cool Mongolian capital

Ulan Bator is a weird town; while some people live in skyscrapers, or big fancy villas, some still live in tents in the city outskirts. But they have plants to get even weirder: they want to keep the city cool by creating an enormous urban glacier. What they want to do is capture some of the cool winter temperatures in

Iceberg the size of NYC forming in Antarctica

Part of an ambitious NASA survey over the Antarctic, which intends on 3D mapping the continent’s glaciers in detail, one of the project’s planes has sighted a huge, emerging crack on the icy surface. The crack is a 8-mile-long break in an ice shelf, the first sign hinting to the formation of an iceberg that will be end up to be

Warmer oceans lead to faster glacier melting

There isn’t any news for anyone, I hope, that the Earth is on the heater right now, and as time passes and gas emissions in the atmosphere rise, you should be thinking about ordering that air conditioning faster. Yes, glaciers are melting, and like I mentioned before scientists have projected an increase in sea levels of around 1.6 meters  by

Glaciers are melting faster than previously thought, new study says

By means of a new mathematical model, scientists have been able to calculate the displacement of ice in glaciers along the years. This was achieved by using the spread of glacier debris and the lines where vegetation starts on the mountainsides to create a series of calculations determining the amount of ice that has melted since the Little Ice Age

Hundreds of icebergs drifting towards New Zealand

According to the Australian Antarctic Division, at least a hundred Antarctic icebergs are currently drifting towards New Zealand at a speed that alarmed local authorities as well as specialists from all over the world. A glaciologist from inside the organization said that they already passed the Auckland islands and are currently heading for the main South Island; these icebergs are