Why people hate GMOs (when they shouldn’t)

There are some important issues nowadays in which scientists and laymen seem to disagree on. For instance, there’s climate change. While the world’s leading climate scientists agree with 95% confidence (very very very likely) that the world’s climate is changing in an accelerated manner due to greenhouse emissions as a result of human activities. But only 50% of Americans agree that global warming is happening and is caused by humans. Then there’s the age old Darwinism vs creationism schism. A major survey found that 31% of the US public believed that humans had existed in their present form since the beginning, with a further 24% stating that humans had evolved under the guiding hand of a supreme being. In contrast, only 2% of AAAS scientists said humans had not evolved in their time on Earth. Of course, then there’s the case of doctors vs so-called anti-vaxxers – people who refuse to vaccinate themselves or their children because they think these cause illness, not ail or prevent it. But maybe one of the most heated debate in which scientists and the public is mostly opposed concerns genetically modified organisms (GMOs).