China’s Chang’e 2 finished moon orbiting mission, now headed for outter space

Last year, in October, China launched its second moon orbiter, as part of the country’s rapidly growing reformed space program . The Chang’e 2, as it was dubbed, has seen a great deal of improvements compared to its predecessor, including a more powerful rocket that delivered the probe to the moon more quickly. Today, after finishing all its scheduled missions

Shorties: Shanghai introduces one-dog policy

Reminiscent of the infamous one-child policy introduced in China in 1978, which limited urban Chinese families togiving birth to a maximum of one child, as a means of slowing down the alarming overpopulation trend, the country’s biggest city Shanghai has introduced a similar policy – this time for pets. There are an estimated 800,000 dogs in Shanghai, a city numbering

China on the moon: rover by 2013, samples by 2017 and manned landing by 2025

How’s your Mandarin? If it’s as rusty as mine, we’d do best and brush up on it since it seems we’re heading towards an age of Chinese domination. Capitalizing on its tremendous financial growth, China has some incredible programs which officials hope to catapult the people’s republic in front of the new space age. A few weeks back, I told

Only in China: risk your life several times for a good tea house

Well the teahouse itself isn’t dangerous at all, but as in life, it’s about the journey, and not about the destination. Do you think you have what it takes to get to this amazingly dangerous place? Well, the first step is not always the hardest, and this time it’s the easiest – you just take the tram up to the

China unveiles detailed plans for its own Space Station

Only a decade since China launched its first human being into orbit, and three years since the first space walk performed by China launched astronaut, Beijing has now unveiled to the world its plans of developing its version of the International Space Station by 2020. China’s space station will be relatively small at size, weighing in at just 60 tones

Shorties: China building falls over like a brick

This isn’t news, as it happened two years ago, but it’s just mind blowing. This almost finished 13 story high building in Shanghai collapsed like a domino piece, and if others were built closer to it, the domino effect would be complete. This gives kind of a whole new meaning to the whole ‘made in China’ thing, doesn’t it ?

You should know about Chinese knife money

When we think about money today, bills or coins pop up in an average mind, maybe even credit cards; even the concept of some different objects used as currency (not as trade items) seems outrageous. However, this is exactly the case with the Chinese knife money, introduced between 600 to 200 B.C. during the Zhou dynasty. Significant evidence has been

New China virus discovered has alarmingly high mortality rate

Five years ago, an outbreak of a mysterious and deadly disease in central China first started alarming local authorities when an alarmingly high mortality rate was linked to it. At first, the outbreak was considered to be bacterial, namely human granulocytic anaplasmosis (HGA), carried by infected ticks that passed the deadly disease on to farmers living in six of China’s

China’s ‘great firewall’: phone calls containing the word ‘protest’ cut off

Censorship and filtering has been a long time practice used by Chinese authorities, and it’s a known fact that you have to be careful what to say or more importantly to whom you say it when in China. Like most of you are probably aware there’s a whole wave of protest sweeping through the arab world, which seems to have

600,000 year old discovered tool mill provies new Homo Erectus insights

We now know that pre-modern human tool use dates back far beyond we previously might have thought, each discovery proving that our early ancestors showed sign of intelligence and early social evolution. A recent finding in central China of a prehistoric tool mill dating back 600,000 years ago used by Homo Erectus in the Lushi Basin, South Luo River, supports

Giant Panda breeding breakthrough leads to wildlife re-introduction program

What’s maybe China’s most prominent symbol, the Giant Panda has been for decades now on the endangered species list, with an estimate wildlife population of circa. 2000-3000 individuals. Conservation efforts and breeding projects have been in the works for a very long time, efforts which even proved to render diplomatic benefits (In the late 70’s the People Republic of China

13 countries make a plan to save tigers

Just a short while ago, I was telling you about the extremely worrying decline of the Siberian tigers (and not just them). It’s obvious that if nothing changes, the odds are they’ll be going extinct, perhaps even during our lifetime (which is the case for numerous mammals, actually. Russia and a dozen other Asian countries had a meeting and signed

Extremely rare 400 year old map shows China as the center of the world

Well despite what many people might think, Hollywood isn’t and never was the center of the world (hopefully, it won’t be in the future either). But on this map (and probably, not only there) China is depicted as the center of the world, while the Americas are also sketched, Florida being represented as the “Land of Flowers”. It was drawn

The Sky Burial

First of all, it has to be said that this once common burial practice in Tibet is pretty hard to ‘digest’ for our ‘civilized’ world, and there’s a big chance you’ll find the pictures shocking. As adepts of Buddhism, Tibetans believe the single most important part of a person is its spirit, and after death, there is no reason to

Science capitalizes on extended solar eclipse

Scientists from the observatory near Hangzhou joined tourists and locals in observing the longest eclipse of the century, and possibly the longest one since the dawn of civilization. People all over China and India (and not only) watched in awe for 5 minutes and 36 seconds as the moon’s shadow covered their countries. “We saw it! The clouds kept getting

California Uses More Gas than China

  Think about China today; the country with the most people in the world, who’s surface is in the top 5 of the world, and who’s industry is really developing, relying almost entirely on pollutant non-green fuels, which caused an increased and even dangerous degree of pollution. Still, despite the fact that it’s area is just under 100 times smaller,

China – pollution crisis ??

Photo by Stefan Everybody (or almost everybody) believes that no matter what, USA remains “polluter no. 1”. Don’t take my word for it, just ask BBC’s environment analyst Roger Harrabin – he says the same thing. The industry is by far the most developed, so that would seem logical, despite the fact the China and India have way more people.