Sprawling termite complex from Brazil is visible from space — and 4,000 years old

Technically, it’s piles of construction waste, in the termites’ eyes.

Planning a trip to Brazil? Do not forget your yellow fever vaccine

There is no cure for yellow fever, but there is a vaccine.

Massive caves in southern Brazil are actually ancient ground sloth burrows

Some are big enough to drive a car through.

Norway to Brazil: If you keep destroying the Amazon, we’ll cut our $1bn funding

Brazil isn’t respecting its part of the deal.

Zika virus solution might lie in oil of common flower

The key to fighting Zika might be as simple as a common flower and some water.

Is the impact of climate change on agriculture underestimated?

A new paper suggests that we’ve been overlooking how two key human responses to climate — the total area farmed and the number of crops planted — will impact food production in the future.

Dengue vaccine approved for use in Mexico, Brazil and Philippines

Scientific American recently reported that the three countries most affected by dengue fever have approved the use of the first vaccine against this affliction. Officials from Mexico, Philippines and Brazil hope that this will curb the nearly 400 million new infections each year, 22,000 of which result in death.

Almost 500 new cases of Zika-induced microcephaly reported in Brazil

The government has declared a state of emergency in the most affected areas while scientists are trying to figure out why so many babies are born with this often lethal condition.

Cave dwelling arachnid named after Tolkien’s character

Biologists have recently identified a new species of harvestman (daddy longlegs spider) near the town of Monjolos in Minas Gerais, southern Brazil, and gave the precious new discovery an accurate but tongue in cheek name: Iandumoema smeagol

Mining disaster in Brazil is an environmental catastrophe

The collapse of two dams at a Brazilian mine spells an absolute catastrophe, with effects that could haunt Brazil for years to come.

Treasure trove of Permian fossils discovered in Brazil

The fossils were discovered in the Parnaiba Basin of north-eastern Brazil, and are some 278 million years old, corresponding to the Permian period, when all the continents we know today were still fused together.

Seven new species of frogs discovered – they’re tiny, and they’re adorable

Seven miniature species of frogs living on seven different mountain tops sounds like the premise for the next Kung Fu Panda sequel. But as researcher Marcio Pie of the Federal University of Parana and his colleagues show in a paper published in PeerJ., it is what they have found in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil.

Brazil’s Biggest Cities are Running out of Water

The states of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais are running out of water. According to a Brazilian Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira, the three states are experiencing the worst drought in recorded history, and the facts are painting a bleak picture for the future. Authorities have already implemented water saving measures, and rations may be implemented in the near future.

10,000-Year-Old Cave Paintings in Brazil Discovered by Accident

In quite an interesting discovery, Wildlife Conservation Society biologists have discovered cave paintings made by hunter-gatherers between 10,000 to 4,000 years ago while studying wild animals in the Taboco region. An unexpected find To add more mystery to the situation, the discovery was made in 2009, but it has been kept a secret until now – probably because they wanted

Loggers burned Amazon 8 year old tribe girl alive, as part of a campaign to force indigenous population out of the land

This is truly one of the days when you could feel ashamed to be human. According to reports, loggers in Brazil captured an 8 year old girl from one of the Amazon’s last tribes and burned her alive, in an attempt to force tribes out of the territory. Indigenous people from the Amazonian basin have always been mistreated and even

Brazil’s government approves of rainforest destruction. Next day, two environmental activists get shot

It’s a black period for Brazil’s environment, and things will get even worse in days to follow; the government just applied a reform of the forestry code which will make it extremely easy to cut down massively on the rainforests in Brazil. Money money money After several delays and a desperate, but outnumbered resistance, the revised forest code was adopted

Millions of dead fish wash up on the coast of Brazil

Another mystery, even bigger than the one with the birds in Arkansas is puzzling researchers from all over the world, as dead fish hit the coast of Brazil, with CNN reporting that there are over 2 million dead fish in Chesapeake Bay. Experts have first suggested that this is probably caused by a combination of cold water stress and too