Young kids are exposed to many app advertisements, new study reports

This is worrying news.

Stephen Colbert ridicules administrator’s plan to allow NASA corporate sponsorships

Astronaut suits plastered in ads like NASCAR racers? Now that’s a thought…

Brands and ads displaying wild animals could make us oblivious to the fact that they’re dying off

You probably think there are a lot of these animals running around.

Sex doesn’t really sell, new study finds

Sure, it gets your attention but few are actually reaching their wallets.

Unsettling sculpture showcases how humans would look if we evolved to survive car crashes

Kinda looks like an end-boss in an RPG.

Alcohol Ads Lead to Underage Drinking

Well, who would have thought – alcohol ads make people drink more ?! A new study has shown that alcohol advertising on television contributes to both underage drinking and binge drinking. According to the research, higher “familiarity” with booze ads “was associated with the subsequent onset of drinking across a range of outcomes of varying severity among adolescents and young adults”.