augment reality

What augmented reality tech does is combine the real and not-real in a way that immerses the user into a new world. Microsoft’s HoloLens is a prime example of what you can do with augmented reality, from turning walls into displays, to X-ray vision that allows you to see through things.

The problem with augmented reality is that you need special hardware that’s often annoying or cumbersome, like VR goggles. Some ingenuous fellows, however, posted a tutorial on Instructables explaining step by step how make your own augmented reality book. The whole setup involves a projector, a Kinect 360, video mapping and tracking software, and absolutely no goggles, special hardware or soldering. It does involve some serious coding, though.

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“We always thought augmented reality to be a great technology however it is always required to experience it while looking through a device. We wanted to try to use it in combination with projection-mapping to create a seamless and magical experience,” the authors wrote on