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Atomic Age Table Lamp

From the Antiquity to the atom age, one thing has remained constant: people want to have night lights. Whether it’s a torch, an oil lamp, an LED modern gizmo or whatever, lamps have been alongside humans for a very long time, and they’re not going anywhere. This novel design blends a steampunk design with an atom structure, and I just can’t have enough of it.

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Never tie your shoes again with lock laces

If I’m leaving in a hurry, the thing I hate the most is tying my shoelaces. The black magic through which shoelaces untie themselves is equally annoying — and this is where these laces come in. Simply put them on the shoelace, tuck them in once and that’s all there is to it. You show those strings who’s boss! (tamer colors such as black or brown also available)

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Tell people off with a mug

If you’re tired of people butting in with their “knowledge” — or if you know someone who is — this mug is perfect. Nothing shuts people up like a victory sip which slowly showcases your medical superiority. Bonus points for cockiness.

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This is Spartaaaa (the knife holder)

If your steel is so awesome that no ordinary tool can hold it — or if you simply want a cool knife holder — this wooden guy is perfect for the job. He might start screaming “This is Sparta!” at random moments, but other than that, he gets the job done. Just kidding, he doesn’t scream. Never.

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Chemistry cook board

A little something that goes well with the knife holder above, this chemistry wooden cook board comes with a pun to go. Not guaranteed to make your cooking better, but guaranteed to make it just a bit more fun.

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The soul of an octopus (Disclaimer: not an actual soul of an octopus)

No list would be complete without a book, and this is one that really stands out. Sy Montgomery is a renowned naturalist. Here, she details a moving encounter with an octopus, and how it prompts a meditation on consciousness, the soul, and an animal that gets a lot of unneeded negative publicity. Definitely a book worth reading, guaranteed to change your perspective on the ever-surprising octopus.

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