Valentine’s is all about recognizing the uniqueness of your significant other — after all, there’s only one of them, and that’s what drew you two together in the first place! We’ve scoured the Internet for ideas on how best to mix the celebration with our love of knowledge in all its aspects and, so far, we’ve arranged these ideas in different academic themes.

Some of the objects we’ve run into, however, didn’t make the lists as they don’t fall squarely into a single field. Just like our better halves, they are unique, we like them very much, and the celebration just wouldn’t be the same without them. So here are the coolest, geekiest Valentine gift ideas that were just too themselves to fit in our well-ordered lists.


That old-timey recruitment poster is still strong in these posters, and they’re bound to light a little spark of adventure whenever your boo sees them — an adventure they’ll love to take you along for. Extra V-points if you pair the “Empire needs you” poster with a Darth Vader mask. One that you’re wearing, of course.



  Explorers wanted                                                Empire poster                                               Surveyors Wanted


Show them how you feel with Banksy’s “Love is the answer” poster, feat. Einstein. Available in different sizes.

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Deep sea diver

Just look how adorable this guy is. The perfect gift to ensure your tea-loving SO is thinking about you with every cup of brew — and to bring a chuckle to their cheeks. Other models are available, this is just my favorite one.

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Put the Moon in the palm of their hand

Love makes you do silly things — things like promising your paramour you’ll bring the moon down in the palm of their hand. Obviously, since it’s so far out there (pun intended) that nobody actually expects it to happen. It’s just a nice, sweet nothing to be shared among lovers.

But just how awesome of a Valentine will you be when you actually do it? Cosmically awesome! So take your pick among the Moon lamp and this actual piece of lunar rock and put the moon in your date’s hand.


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And the stars at their fingertips

The second part of the “moon and stars”, this chart will both look awesome and educate. Can’t beat that combo. It’s quite big, so it would probably work best if you can set it up beforehand. So if you’re living with your Valentine (lucky you) or if you can otherwise prepare the chart before the big night, present them with the moon first and sweep them off their feet with the stars when they least expect it — once everyone’s back home.

Oh, also, it’s handmade.

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Encyclopedia Prehistorica

It’s not all about looking up at the sky. Sometimes, our better halves are happier when digging through the mud in search of behemoths long gone. Those are pretty rare halves, but everybody loves dinosaurs. So save your washing machine the trouble and keep their interest occupied with the wonderfully whimsical Encyclopedia Prehistorica, a pop-up book of our long-extinct favorites.

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Beanying bad

TV-show enthusiasts will appreciate this quote that they can wear, and you’ll be happy knowing their ears are always properly warmed wherever their chemistry professor leads them!

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Make sure they never feel blue

With the dinosphere. Filled with thousands of non-toxic, bioluminescent dinoflagellates, the sphere will emit natural blue light when swirled. Nurture them together and your Valentine won’t ever have to brave the dark of nights alone!

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Coffee with a twist

Sadly, we all have to wake up and go to work eventually — so make sure your special someone always enjoys their morning coffee with this Beaker mug. Peer-reviewed flavor guaranteed!Beaker mug.

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