If your significant other is an engineer, these Valentine gifts won’t fail to impress. Here are some gifts that will keep the wheels of love turning, at least until next year.

I love you Morse code bracelet

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Nothing says I love you more than dot dot dot dash dot dot…

Love is about sharing a life together, and never letting go of each other when things become difficult. However, sometimes just saying I love you loses the intensity it’s supposed to convey, which is why this one-of-a-kind accessory is as special as your love is. Although you may have chosen to express your affection in a vintage communication medium, Morse Code will never go out of style.

A 3D Printer… for pancakes!

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Let’s face it, most engineers don’t exactly treat their bodies as a temple. But how about you try something different for this year’s Valentine morning. Instead of cooking pancakes, here’s a cool idea: you print them!

Amazing 21st-century engineering? Check. Delicious, fluffy pancakes? Check.

An adorable pocket mirror that looks like a MacBook Air

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Engineers sure love their MacBooks, but let’s be serious: no one wants to break the bank on a Valentine present. Here’s the next best thing: this cute mirror shaped like a MacBook will surely crack a smile or two.

A levitating flower pot

levitating bonsaiBuy on Amazon

This is what happens when home decor meets science. Magnets keep a pot suspended mid-air producing a cool SciFi effect bound to impress friends and family, as well as that special someone. If your Valentine is into cool science tricks, but also likes flowers, look no further than this awesome gift.

A DIY useless box

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This is the perfect gift for your favorite engineer in the world. Put your loved one’s craftsmanship to the test with this DIY kit which is as fun as it is useless. It requires a soldering iron, solder, and a tiny Phillips screwdriver.

Funny coffee mug for your Engeneer

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You’ll both have a good laugh with this one. If your loved one isn’t the best at spelling but still knows his or her engineering, this lovely gift will surely be appreciated.

Cool Einstein physics formula shower curtain

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An inspiring gift for those relaxing moments in the shower. It’s sure to be appreciated by your brainy Valentine.

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Circuit board scarf

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For those special moments when your girlfriend needs to match her outfit with something super nerdy. How fashionable!

Mechanical 3D puzzle safe

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This kit is a self-propelled, mechanical wooden model which will entertain for hours and hours. You build your own safe featuring a real working combination lock, perfect for storing some of your most precious small items. It’s a great gift for the mechanical engineer close to your heart.

Tesla coil lighter


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This is by far the coolest way to ignite …anything! What’s more, this is a marvelous work of engineering. It’s rechargeable, flameless, and windproof.

A rocket launch set

rocket launch set

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You know our catchphrase here at ZME Science — “not exactly rocket science.” Well, neither is this rocket assembly kit. It’s still a heck load of fun and even practical for those passionate about rocketry, and is capable of soaring up to 1,150 ft. (350 m).

DIY motorized, remote control machines

remote machine

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This amazing kit allows you to assemble up to 10 models, although you can actually use many more configurations. It comes with a six-button infrared remote control, three motors that can be combined to assemble complex machinery or vehicles, and numerous springs, cogs, etc.

The engineer’s field bag

engineer bag

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Whether in the office or in the field, every engineer needs a trusty bag to carry notebooks, pens, chargers, tools, samples, and so on. Made from heavyweight cotton canvas, this quality and fashionable build is a great way to show that you care.

Aviator safety glasses for the fashionable engineer

safety glasses

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Why wear dull, boring safety glasses to work when you can be sexy? Sporting these glasses will definitely turn some heads in the lab.

An Engineer’s Valentine

I thought it’d be cool if I ended this post with an awesome poem written by Matthew Dalton. I’ll just leave it here for you.


I was alone and all was dark
Beneath me and above
My life was full of volts and amps
But not the spark of love

But now that you are here with me
My heart is overjoyed
You’ve turned the square of my heart
Into a sinusoid

You load things from my memory
Onto my system bus
My life was once assembly code
It’s now like C++

I love the way you solder things
My circuits you can fix
The voltage ‘cross your diode is
much more than just point six

With your op-amps and resistors
You have built my integrator
I cannot survive without you
You’re my function generator

You’ve changed my world, increased my gain
And made my math discreet
So now I’ll end my poem here
Control, Alt, and Delete


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