What’s love if not biology in action? This Valentine’s, say “you flood my brain with feel-good chemicals” to that one special other with these biology-themed gifts.

Cards, cards, cards!

All’s fair in love and war — especially the downright adorable, handmade cards from Tiny Bee Cards. Profess your love with the significant otter, let your S.O. know you’ll brave the rough seas of life together with this purposeful porpoise, or let your passionate side shine through with one very cuddly cuttlefish. Those are my favorite three, but their store is definitely worth investigating if you’re a fan of romance and puns — or if you’re looking to impress a foodie!


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Dopamine and Oxytocin necklaces

Reinforce your loved one’s affections with a dopamine-shaped pendant, or tighten the bond even more with an extra shot of oxytocin (also handily forged into a necklace). It’s all hormones, people!


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Give ’em an STD they’ll love!

Just hear me out: PlushieSTD. Bouquet. All wrapped up in a cute, delightful bunch.

Done. You’ve just mastered Valentine’s.

STD bouquet.

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If you like the idea but you’re not sold on a plushie virus bouquet, they have a lot of other options.

Or at least some (rare, endangered) flowers

If romance rather than humor makes your better half melt, a more traditional bouquet might be in order. Cut flowers wilt and wither, however, and is that really the message you want to convey to your Valentine? Exactly.

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So play the long game and show him or her that you two will only grow stronger with time, provided you stay hydrated — just like this Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys), a beautiful turquoise bonsai plant from the jungles of the Philippines, that you two will nurture together.

This isn’t any old flower — it’s a highly endangered, at risk plant. With its native jungles being cut down alarmingly fast, the love between you two could be what saves the species from complete extinction. It doesn’t really get more romantic than that. You get 10 seeds.
Jade Vine.

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Organic chemistry scarf

Look closely enough and biology becomes chemistry. If your Valentine is hard at work studying in the field, this organic chemistry scarf will definitely let them show off their passion while staying comfy, warm, and stylish.

Biochem scarf.

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Tardigrades for him and her

Also known as water bears, tardigrades are ridiculously resilient — just like the two of you.

Tardigrade tshirt.

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Seriously, these micro-animals have been found everywhere: from mountaintops to the deep sea; from mud volcanoes in tropical rain forests to the Antarctic, surviving in extreme temperatures, extreme pressures (both high and low), air deprivation, radiation, dehydration, and starvation. Now, you can wear them on your shirt, or even better — on your feet.

Tardigrade slippers.

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Unleash the love-ken!

Stick to your partner’s heart and never let go with one of these cup-covered tentacles! The Kraken-themed ring or necklace will make sure your loved one never goes away from your tentacles, I mean arms.Tentacle necklace.

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Tentacle ring.

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A hearty Valentine

We’re all used to the round, two-lobed heart as a symbol of love. Everybody will be generously slathering it in chats, messages, and cards for their Valentines when the special day comes. Let me ask you this, however: will any of those hearts have aortas popping out?

No! But yours will. Because you will show your love the right way, with this more anatomically-correct plush from I Heart Guts. If your significant other is into *ahem* correct biology, they will definitely appreciate it!

I heart guts.

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