Most people use a crutch to deal with daily problems like stress or anxiety. For some, it’s food, for others its drugs or alcohol. Sometimes it’s a healthy habit (like jogging, for instance), but more often than not, it’s not. The problem is that the crutch only masks the actual problem and can cause you to develop a dependency. This can have serious consequences on the body and your overall health.

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Disposing of a bad habit

Of course, bad habits are hard to break — but not impossible. A bad habit can affect your financial well-being, your job, your family and your mental and physical health. The first thing you need to figure out is why you use drugs, alcohol or overeat. You may have started due to boredom, your environment where you felt pressured to engage or simply as a way to calm your stress or anxiety levels. If your habit started as a weekend way to fit in with your peers you can end the habit by quitting on your own or by seeking professional help. There are many rehab centers, such as The Recovery Village, where you can get the proper medical treatment combined with therapy to finally free you of the addiction. If you abuse drugs, food or alcohol to mask your feelings of depression and anxiety, therapy may help you bring the underlining mental issues to the surface.

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The dangers of overeating

While you might think that overeating only works on your body, there’s much more going on. Even 20 extra pounds of weight can cause vital functions in the body to stop working properly. If your body no longer is capable of breaking down sugar you could put yourself at risk for type 2 diabetes and a swarm of other conditions, including coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, a stroke and even some types of cancer.

The added weight to the frame of your body can leave you with chronic joint and muscle pain too. Your state of mind is also at risk. Being overweight can make your embarrassed to go out to public places like the park or the beach and avoid attending social events. Luckily, you have the power to turn yourself around and lose the weight. A great way to start is to portion your meals. As you start to drop the weight, then begin to eliminate or moderate certain foods that aren’t as healthy. This way you won’t feel deprived and you’ll stick to it.

Alcohol is bad for you

There’s no sense in sugar-coating it, alcohol is bad for you. It can cause depression and even bring on suicidal thoughts. Even a drink a day can also increase the risk for common types of cancer including breast, mouth, liver, and colon cancer. The problem is that at most social gatherings you don’t feel like you fit in if you don’t drink. This is also true on the job. Many businessmen and women hold their meetings over cocktails, making it that much harder to order a coke or a coffee. The good news is that once you identify to others that you have a problem with drinking they generally end the push of alcohol. If you want to feel like a member of the club at parties drink non-alcoholic beer or mixed drinks like a Shirley Temple.

Drug abuse

Drug abuse comes in many forms. It can be popping pills that are not needed or taking high doses of cocaine or heroin to feel good. Drug abuse, especially in the form of pills, is at an all-time high of alarming proportions. According to recent studies, opiate-related deaths continue to remain high, with no signs of letting up. The problem lies in the fact that many who abuse or distribute the products on the black market have prescriptions given by doctors to treat their pain. There is no pattern of a distinct age group that’s abusing the pain medications. They are teens, moms, and dads, as well as seniors.  People become hooked on these pills quickly, and the longer you use, the harder it is to break free. Many have no way of ending the bad habit other than turning to professionals under medical supervision. Thankfully, the country now recognizes the urgency for getting treatment to those who need it, making it easier than ever to admit you have a problem and get the help you desperately need. However, it remains to be seen whether policymakers will take the necessary steps to fight what is already shaping up to be a massive crisis.

Bad habits like alcohol, drugs, and overeating, are highly dangerous. The longer you go on abusing, the more your body, your mind, and your family suffer.