3D printed face
By now, most of you must have seen how a 3D printer works. Layer by layer, a material (plastic most of the time) is oozed out of an extruder nozzle to build the 3D model. If you have a printer on the lower end, your models will come out a bit rough. These will require finishing. Also, they will have the same texture and color as the raw material. So, you’ll basically get the same texture and color everywhere which is fine for most practical purposes. Pictured above is the 3D-printed face of the Holobuild Scanning System inventor — a device that allows you to accurately scan any object. The system captures pixel-by-pixel accurate color details and geometry of scanned subjects with an accuracy of within 0.005 millimeters.

What’s amazing about the print is that it all came out in one go without finishing touches: the textures, the color, everything. It is quite impressive.

The printer used was a ZPrinter 650, which costs approximately $65,000. The Z650 is capable of printing in 360,000 colors, and this 3-D printed face required $250 worth of materials to make.

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