It’s time, ladies and gentlemen! We’ve been working on this idea for months, and now it’s finally here (though still in its early stages) – I’m talking about the ZME Science Questions and Answers section!


Asking questions…

ZME Questions and Answers (ZME Q&A) is a place where anyone (yes, YOU) can come and ask science-related questions; and I’m talking any field! From astrophysics to nanotechnology, from psychology to geology and everything in between – everything that you’ve ever been curious about – come and ask away!

You can create a user, or simply log in with your Facebook – we won’t have access to ANY of your private data or do any funny stuff. It takes you less than 1 minute to do set things up. You can also vote up or down questions and answers, and you get points for your activity. Hurray for internet points!

… and answering them

Asking the right questions is very important, but who will answer them? The short answer is: us. We will. No, not just ‘we’ from ZME Science – we’ll try to do our best, but we’re a relatively small team and there’s only so much we can cover. We, the community will do this – together. This is where you step in; help us, and help other people interested in science by sharing your knowledge and your passion. Every input matters, every bit of information helps.

We have also teamed up with some leading researchers in various fields, who will also step in and answer questions as their time allows it. We will continue to extend the number of collaborators and ensure a high level of discussion in all topics. We’ll keep you posted with all the developments.

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… now with prizes!

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that we like to give stuff away. It’s not big things or expensive gadgets, it’s just a token of our appreciation, because we are truly grateful for each and every one of you! This time is no exception, and we will be giving out small items, as a simple “thank you” for asking good questions and/or answering them! Every week we’ll have a prize for the most active user, and every month we’ll give surprise prizes for the best questions and answers.

Clearly, the big win here is being a part of an engaged, active and (dare I say) knowledgeable community, but cool mugs and books never hurt anyone! (they probably did, don’t hurt anyone with your mug).