We sometimes think of scientists as calculated, precise people in white lab coats, buzzing around their controlled experiments and complicated models. But as anyone who’s actually worked in science will tell you, field work is often messy – incredibly messy for that matter. A new hashtag has taken Twitter by storm: #FieldWorkFail. Here are some of the best ones.

First off, it’s the crocs:

As it turns out, Agata had even more fieldwork fail moments with crocs, but thankfully, nothing bad happened:

Turns out, biologists often have a bad time in the field:

Sometimes, the fails can become really dangerous.

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Any respectable geologist has had his fair share of fails.

The hashtag is just spectacular – it shows just how down to earth scientists can be, it humanizes them, and it’s really funny.

So, what’s your #FieldWork Fail?