vote obama

Science and politics often go hand in hand; they influence one another and despite the fact that the connections are subtle, they often play a crucial role. If at today’s vote was cast only by people who work or support scientific enquiries of any type, the result would be crushing.

Today’s importance goes out of the national interest, and dives into the global concerns; the challenges that America, along with the world, faces today, could found their answers in research and scientific development. These values are actually at the core of solving these problems. While both Obama and McCain have spoken about how they prize them, it’s obvious that one candidate has spoken more clearly and actually tried to find solutions to problems.

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Still, having a significantly better team of advisors does not necessarily solve problems. Obama still has some campaigns which seem misguided; he seems to understand this, and goes for a wide range of solutions, hearing opinions and analyzing what seems to be the best answer. Still, despite McCain’s narrower explanations, some will find his solutions to be trustworthy above that of his oponent’s. It is a call everybody who has the right to vote (and not only) has to make for themselves.

ZME Science (including everybody in our team) can not cast a single vote in today’s elections, and we’re not trying to influence anybody. If we could, we would choose a candidate that’s open for solutions and who seeks opinions from those who know more than him. If we could, we would cast our vote for Barack Obama.