It’s high time we had another giveaway here on ZME Science, and this time, we’re giving away books; a specific book, to be more precise: A North Country Life: Tales of Woodsmen, Waters, and Wildlife by Sydney Lea. All you have to do to join the contest is like our Facebook page (if you haven’t already :( ), and ask mister Lea one (or more) questions. You can either send them via email at andrei [at], or, even better, use our new Q&A page – Check out the thread here. Feel free to ask anything related to the author and his writing, and we will be sure to send the questions out. After this, one week from now, we’ll be sending in the questions and randomly selecting 2 people which will each receive a copy. If some questions really stand out, we’ll just bypass the random and select them.


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A little bit about the author: Sydney Lea—the poet laureate of Vermont—has had an active role in environmental conservation for over a decade. He is a chair member of the West Grand Lake Community Forest campaign committee, which is a 24 million dollar effort to conserve 22,000 acres of wetland, forest, and lakeshore, Washington Vo., Maine, a trustee of the Nothern Woodlands Foundation, a nonprofit sustainable forestry advocacy and educational organization, and the president of the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, which is a locally-founded nonprofit organization dedicated to the long-term well-being of the Downeast Lakes region.

Throughout his new book, A North Country Life: Tales of Woodsmen, Waters, and Wildlife, Sydney Lea recalls the men and women who introduced him to a way of life that strengthened his own bonds with nature and his passion to preserve America’s vanishing wilderness.