What’s this about?

Nowadays, just from a DNA sample, genealogists can tell you where your ancestors originated, the journeys they made across the globe, and how ancient your line really is. Were your ancestors in the exodus, led by Moses? Were they among the first settlers in the middle east, or did they linger in Africa 50.000 years ago, when many populations left the continent? There’s only one way to find out!

dna harta

Picture via DNA-me

We’re giving away 5 such tests, just for you guys! This will analyze all the different types of DNA which give access to a person’s paternal lineage, maternal lineage and global ancestry lineage, the latter which identifies a person’s geographic make-up – which could be, for example, 75% European, 12% African, 10% Asian and 3% American. Really cool stuff!

How do you get it?

It’s pretty simple. A while ago, we were telling you about our Q&A section – ZME Science Answers. What’s that? It’s like Yahoo! answers, except it’s good; just kidding! It’s a place to ask and receive knowledgeable answers from every fiend of science, discuss ideas, and many, many more. Ok, ok, I know it doesn’t have nearly as much activity – but it’s growing slowly, and it’s closely monitored. The system is very simple, you just login and write away.

All you have to do in order to win is just ask and/or answer a question there. That’s it – that’s all. By the end of the month, we will pick the most interesting and funniest questions, the most knowledgeable and best written responses.

We will give out not 1, not 2, but 5 DNA sampling tests, so there’s a good chance to win it! Even if you don’t win, you’ll still learn something, or share your knowledge with others – and for that, we’ll give all the questions and answers a discount code for the DNA tests (15%)!

So head on and write your thoughts on ZME Science Answers, we’ll hop right into the discussion there. For other questions or problems, be sure to write an email and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

Oh, and one more thing – this is but one of the many giveaways and contests we’ll host on the Q&A section; as time passes, we’ll give more prizes to the most active people there, so stay tuned!

The five winning questions or answers will be announced on the 1st of August!

The sponsor!

All of this couldn’t be possible without the great people over at DNA me – they were so kind to offer these prizes, each of which would cost $85. The process itself is extremely simple – you receive the kit, follow the simple instructions, and then send it back. In 1-2 months, after researchers are finished processing the samples, the results will be back, giving a description of your ancestry (not medical conditions – keep in mind).

“DNA-me is a safe, effective and easy way to find out where you really came from and the paths across the globe your ancestors chose to take tens of thousands of years ago,” they describe their work. “For example, your test may show that your ancestors came from the Rift Valley in Kenya, slowly migrated towards the Northeast, left Africa more than 50,000 years ago and reached what we know call Egypt, Lebanon and Israel.

All in all, even though they’re a newly founded DNA testing service, I’d highly recommend them – be it for the prizes or any further affair.