Loud Music - Helps Your Brian Develop

Loud Music – Helps Your Brian Develop

 Music is LIFE

Music makes the world go round, but in recent years youngsters have been warned about listening to too much music at high volumes, advising that it may cause hearing loss in later life.

Contrary to this, research in the last few years into the positive reactions of listening to loud music has taken place, and offers an interesting flip-side to the debate.

Musical Beats & The Sacculus

Sacculus and MUSIC !!!

Manchester University conducted a particular study, and stated that listening to loud music stimulates part of the ear known as the sacculus, which responds in particular to musical beats. This pleasures the brain and makes you feel good during and after listening.

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The sacculus seems only sensitive to very loud volumes – above 90 decibels, but is not thought to have any actual hearing function.

Neil Todd is an expert in the study of scientific music, and he stated that the sacculus seems to be part of a primitive hearing function that humans used to have, but has since been made redundant as we have evolved.

Psychologist Stuart Cadwallar headed a study in 2007 of over a thousand of the brightest students in England, and found that listening to music actually helped them alleviate the stress and pressure of academic studies and exam revising. The same people were more likely to frequent concerts and gigs of their favourite artists and bands. So remember this the next time your teenage daughter asks you for One Direction tickets or Justin Bieber Tickets loud concerts may well be helping developed there brain and be an aid to good studying. There you have it Pop Stars can actually be a good things, and be beneficial to your child academic studies.

Plants and Music

Plants Love Rock Music – FACT

It’s not just humans that get pleasure from blaring music, as it seems that plants can also display a beneficial reaction to music – heavy metal in particular!

A 2003 study from the National University of Singapore found that kidney bean seeds exposed to the music grew 60% faster than a control group. Further studies also found that plants grew taller and leafier when positioned near sources of loud music.

Loud but not Deafening

Of course you can go to far with volume an American mother recently tried to sue Canadian pop star Justin Bieber after she attended one his concerts, and suffered hearing loss as a result. Stacey Wilson Betts said she now suffers from tinnitus as a result of being exposed to high volumes and deafening screams at the concert, stating that the gondola she was standing in: acted as a sound conductor, creating a sound blast that permanently damaged both of my ears.” 

It would seem that moderation is the key loud music can stimulate and bring about a greater alertness and mental awareness but don’t go so loud that your ear drums will burst!