Marijuana is a modern day drug which needs no introduction. Packed with a plethora of uses and benefits it goes without saying that this particular drug is currently ahead by a big margin in the race of medicines – in some areas, it’s giving a tough fight to some of the best medicines in the market. Since it is a one-stop shop for all your ailments, more and more people are getting attracted to it. When you are using this drug, rest assured, you won’t put yourself under the hammer of detrimental side-effects. This is completely natural and comes with a variety of applications. We share some research findings about the medically marvelous applications of medical marijuana, and then put together some of its applications so that you can get an overview about this amazing piece of drug.

The research evidence lauding medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is easily among the most researched active substances. The number of studies and papers regarding the medical applications of marijuana’s cannabinoids exceeds 20,000, as per PubMed Central, a peer review based repository of medical literature. Apart from such literature, there are evidences such as those presented by a group of researchers from the University of California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, who reported that medical marijuana ought to be the treatment of preference for neuropathy patients. Vancouver’s University of British Columbia has also released several papers claiming that medical cannabis proves more effective than several FDA approved drugs, without any adverse side effects.

Nausea can be kept at bay

With the application of this drug, you can very easily keep nausea at bay. Studies have shown that if Marijuana is taken orally, then it can greatly help in curing or preventing nausea. In fact, it works well as compared to the some of the weaker FDA approved drugs which are in place in the market. Marijuana can also be applied to patients who are currently undergoing chemotherapy. In May 2006, an e-article published in Cancer Monthly, a website for cancer treatment information, referred to several peer reviewed articles about how marijuana has proven to be a better treatment for mitigating nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

An elephant’s appetite

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Marijuana can significantly improve your appetite and at times you would need an elephant’s diet to satisfy your hunger. It can act as a great appetite booster and is an effective stimulant. Many clinical trials have been conducted on patients related to low appetites and all of them, more often than not, have shown extremely fruitful results.

Time for your muscles to relax

Another very useful application of marijuana is its ability to make your muscle feel relax and spasm free. With regular application, your muscles can remain flexible for longer periods. It works wonders on patients of multiple sclerosis and studies have shown that the patients who have multiple sclerosis have immensely improved after taking marijuana. The tension in your muscles gets greatly reduced which in turn increases the flexibility.

Pain-A thing of the past

Till recently, pain-killers used to rule the game in terms of relieving pain. Although they were able to partially succeed but the side-effects were truly lethal. It used to lead to various complications and some life-threatening diseases. There were also cases where the patient was deceased due to some severe complications which emerged from the usage of these pain-killers. Marijuana is like a blessing for all such patients who are victims of this grueling pain. It provides instant relief from all kinds of pain with absolutely no side-effects whatsoever. WebMD, a reliable resource for medical information, mentions of physicians can also choose to recommend marijuana for overcoming pain more effectively, and with lesser side effects.


Marijuana can greatly help if you are an insomniac. Studies have shown that patients who suffer from this disease can benefit greatly from this wonder drug. Tests have been performed on these patients and their sleep hours significantly improved over a period of time.

Hence, one of the best natural drugs in the industry currently and a must have for you if you are a victim of any of the ailments which is mentioned above. You are bound to get great results.