Mississippi flood leads to hoards of animal refugees

Late this Monday, the Mississippi crested in at 47.8 feet (14.5 meters), just less than a foot below the city’s record, set in 1937. As the river reaches nearby city neighborhoods and Shelby County suburbs, nature has “put the pin back in the grenade,” said county spokesperson Steve Shular. Floods are really nasty, but for the local fauna everything’s gone

The secret to a long life: consciousness

A healthy life style, plenty of exercise and good genes might be your best bet, if you’re looking for a long life, but an eight decade study in the making found one common denominator – the answer to longevity is consciousness. In 1921, in a quest to understand what really sets apart people who happen to reach 80, even 90

Bill Gates gives 23.4 million dollars for HIV vaccine research

HIV research has been in a state of disarray, especially since the economic crisis, which put a lot of research on hold, as well as slowed down the prevention rate. However, there have been several reports of breakthroughs in this field, especially regarding a vaccine for HIV, and Bill Gates has agreed to sponsor the University of Maryland’s Institute of

Every six hours, the NSA collects data the size of the Library of Congress

With the whole Osama operation that’s been dabbling all over news right now, intelligence and surveillance is coming to mind to a lot of people, not just the paranoid. During this time, agencies like the FBI, CIA or NSA have all delivered various press releases detailing the event, praising the valient action of this delicate joint intelligence operation. The later

Bee venom could be used to detect explosives and pesticides

A remarkable MIT research has found that by coating carbon nano-tubes with bee venom they can create incredibly faithful sensor detectors for explosives,  such as TNT, as well as at least two different types of pesticides. The find came after MIT chemists, lead by Michael Strano, coated one-atom-thick tubes of carbon with protein fragments found in bee venom saw that

Twitter fails at delivering and spreading hard news

Twitter prides itself in connecting the world and sharing everybody’s thoughts from every corner of the world, especially when it comes to news. But is this really true, or is this just a branding and marketing stunt ? According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, Twitter accounts for less than one percent

Intensive coffee drinking may reduce risk of breast cancer

Lately, I’m feeling quite skeptical about the studies I read regarding coffee consumption, especially since it’s known that sometimes a major industry (like oil, or tobacco, or coffee) tends to… influence certain researchers to publish favorable results. I just recently wrote about how 9 out of the top 10 climate change deniers are influenced by Exxon Mobil. But this doesn’t

Google to lease Chrome OS laptops for 20$/month

A senior Google executive has reportedly told Forbes, that the company will begin leasing Chrome laptops for $20 per month in a “student package” that includes both hardware and access to online services. This comes as an announcement after late last year, Google put out a call to participants to sign up to become beta testers of free notebooks that

Hydrogen fuel station opens in Torrace, CA

Toyota is the leading electric car manufacturer in the world, and now the Japanese automobile manufacturer is prepping to dominate another emerging green auto market – the hydrogen fueled car market. The first step hydrogen fueled cars need to take to actually make it, and maybe sometime in the not so distant future to actually go mainstream, is to have

Dandelions may be used to produce Ford wheels

Poor dandelions – they never even get a chance. If they shop up on your front lawn, you’re probably gonna go and buy some weed killer and wipe them out. If they show up at a picnic, they never even get creditted as flowers. Even animals don’t like them. But a Ford is taking them extremely serious, and they offered

Bill Gates explains on clean energy: China won’t lead the way

China’s attempts to move towards nuclear and renewable energy is admirable, but the US will be the driving force behind innovations and development, in the field of clean energy – that’s what Bill Gates told a sold out crowd at a Seattle breakfast, where the topic was climate change. “China is very important and can be part of the solution

Settlement between US government and environmentalists to speed endangered species reviewal

Various animals and plants faced with the danger of extinction may be one step closer to making the official endangered species list, which according to the Endangered Species Act puts them under government protection, as part of a legal settlement plan announced on Tuesday by the government and environmentalists. Under the agreement, species that the department has already deemed to

Google plans world domination: now they’re selling light bulbs

This is already starting to sound like a cartoon world domination scheme; in an obvious plan to take over the world, Google plans to fill your home with electrical producs, including but not limited to light bulbs, dishwashers and thermostats which can be controlled remotely via an Android device. The plan is to create these electrical devices which can communicate

Teen drinking linked to Internet use

According to a recently published study, teens who regularly drink alcohol tend to spend more time on a computer surfing the internet on social networking sites, than other teens who don’t drink alcohol. As a conclusion that both somewhat bashes ‘nowadays teens’ and the Internet, the study concludes that a link between teenage drinking and Internet exists. Though it isn’t

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Truth About Sitting Down

Guess what you’re doing right now? Same thing I’m doing as I type this in, I know, but sitting down for too long is not at all alright. Actually, sitting down for more than six hours a day can increase your risk of death by as much as 40%! And no, even if you exercise 30 minutes a day, chances

China on the moon: rover by 2013, samples by 2017 and manned landing by 2025

How’s your Mandarin? If it’s as rusty as mine, we’d do best and brush up on it since it seems we’re heading towards an age of Chinese domination. Capitalizing on its tremendous financial growth, China has some incredible programs which officials hope to catapult the people’s republic in front of the new space age. A few weeks back, I told

Amazing picture of white penguin

In case you didn’t know, penguins are not always black and white. This amazing penguin picture shows this unique (from what we know) specimen that is all white. First spotted by Scripps reseacher Gerald Kooyman, who dubbed him snowflake. Credit: Gerald L. Kooyman, Scripps Institution of Oceanography/UC San Diego.

Gigantic storms are sweeping entire galaxies clean

If you think that the recent outbreak of tornadoes are bad, boy are you in for a shocker. An international team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics has found that enormous storms of molecular gas are sweeping entire galaxies, destroying everything they come across until they wipe the galaxy clean. Galactic events Some of these galactic

Stalker asteroid could be Earth’s close relative

Astronomers from the the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland declared that a recently discovered asteroid has been following our planet in the past 250.000 years, and it may be in fact closely related to Earth. Two months after it was discovered with the WISE survey satellite, the asteroid caught the attention of two scientists: Apostolos “Tolis” Christou and David Asher,

Fool’s gold is ocean’s fertilizer

Bacteria and small plants at the bottom of the ocean require significant quantities of iron to survive and grow, just like us humans do. But their situation is extremely different, and they can’t just opt for an iron rich diet. So where does their iron come from ?   Pyrite, or fool’s gold (as it is sometimes called) is a