Spinal implant causes cancer, medical company tries to cover it up

Medtronics is a medical tech behemoth worth $15 billion. Among other cutting edge medical tech and R&D SciFi prototypes, the company is responsible for manufacturing a wide range of pacemakers, anti-seizure gadgets along with a number of surgery machinery. One of their most successful products in the last decade is a spinal implant that alleviates people suffering of serious back pain,

GeoPicture of the week: Baryte on fluorite

What you are looking at is a picture of a baryte crystal growing on fluorite; the two minerals have not been cut or polished in any way, it is just the way they naturally are. Fluorite (or fluorspar) is a mineral made out of Calcium and Fluorine while Baryte is literally barium sulfate. It has an orthorombic, cubical symmetry. Absolutely

Three eyed fish found near nuclear plant in Argentina

If you’re a Simpsons fan, then you problably know about blinky, the three eyed fish found near the nuclear plant where Homer Simpson was working. As it turns out, the Simpsons were right yet again, as fishermen in Córdoba, Argentina caught a three-eyed wolf fish in a reservoir fed by a local nuclear power plan. As, sadly, life once again

A virus walks into a bar… or how science jokes can be hilarious

I’m a bit of a stand-up comedy fan, and no too long ago I used to gobble up anything Comedy Central cracked up, however somewhere along the line something terribly wrong happened – it stopped being funny anymore. Racial jokes? Died off for me after the first tastes like chicken line. Impressions? Whoo, I bet you wanted to be a

Orion spacecraft mock-up tests successfully for Pacific landing

Yesterday NASA tested a 18,000 pound mock-up of the ambitious Orion spacecraft in a water basin, to simulate how it would handle a Pacific Ocean landing in moderate sea conditions. The spacecraft is slated for space exploration programs and is capable of carrying four astronauts for as much as 21 days. The scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center used a

Large dinosaurs used to migrate across vast distances

The art of science is most evident when one manages to accurately assert truths about a given fact with little information provided. A great scientists knows how to properly churn information, turn it over a million sides and correlate it with other related facts to form a clear picture. It’s incredible for instance how astronomers are able to image a

Scientists prove hypnotic state exists

Hypnosis has been considered for the past 250 years by the scientific community as being nothing more than a cute trick, with little consideration put in for in-depth research into this highly controversial state. Some psychologists believe that a hypnotized person is unconscious, resembling a sleep walker, while modern research suggests that the case is actually the opposite, the subject

Sonic Hedgehog Gene makes sure all your limbs are in the right place

The sonic hedgehog gene got its name after researchers did some testing on fruit flies embryos, and found that the specimens which were modified to lack the gene developed spine-like projections. The gene itself is crucial to body development; to put it in layman terms, the sonic hedgehog gene makes sure that all your limbs are in the right place

100.000 monks gather and ‘pray’ for a better world

What you are looking at is a gathering of 100.000 Theravada Buddhist monks who are ‘praying’ for a better world. The reason why I am adding the apostrophe is because they are not literally praying, there is no deity to whom they address. This happened at a temple in Bangkok.

The flood-tolerant crops of the future

Floods are a major hazard to crops worldwide. This year alone, billions of dollars worth of crops came to waste after catastrophic floods raided Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Australia, Thailand, the UK and America, and famines have hit millions of people worldwide as a result of ruined agriculture. What if you could, however, engineer crops that could resist floods and steadily return

Spill resistant keyboard designed for gamers

Keyboards have come a long way; they’re sleeker, more resistant, have more functionalities, and much more. But no matter how sturdy or fancy they are, there’s one thing no keyboard can resist without taking a blow: spills. This has been the deadly enemy of keyboard for years, and nobody can attest this better than gamers. But their problems, as well

US reportedly attacked by Chinese hackers linked with the military

A new report claims that the US satellites were compromised at least four times in 2007 and 2008, possibly at the hands of Chinese computer hackers with ties to the country’s military, according to a new report. The attack was conducted through a ground station in Norway, according to a congressional commission, as mentioned by the annual report by the

Stars spew out organic matter into space – life may have its origin in star dust

A new study published by researchers at University of Hong Kong has produced controversial waves among the astronomy community, as it claims, backed by sound evidence, that organic matter can be created naturally by stars and travel through out the universe via interstellar dust. It’s somewhat hard to believe, even picture, how organic matter can be spewed out by stars

Dwarf planet Eris, which led to Pluto’s demise as a planet, may bring back it’s status

Eris is a dwarf planet, observed in 2005 for the first time, whose discovery led to Pluto losing its planet status, even though a new moon was found orbiting it; recently, Eris passed in front of a planet, giving astrophysicists a clear view for the first time. Until now, the general scientific idea regarding it was pretty fuzzy; they believed

Spectacular Aurora Borealis light show in North America [PHOTOS]

The northern hemisphere is accustomed enough to the dazzling Aurora Borealis phenomena, an event which occurs when charged particles collide with atoms from the extreme latitude atmosphere. However, yesterday almost the whole North American continent was bewildered by an incredible spectacle of lights, as Aurora Borealis  apparitions were reported as far south as Kansas, Arkansas or New Mexico. This extremely

Skin-like material that stretches and senses might bring the tactile to the artificial

In the new mobile information age where smartphones have become an ever common part of our lives, there seems to be a dominant trend which tends to incorporate interactive touch screen capabilities to more and more consumer electronics. It’s pretty clear that our electronics are getting smarter day by day – I, for one, am still waiting for the next

IBM names first female CEO

The company founded just 100 years ago publicly announced first female CEO in their history. Virginia “Ginni” Rometty, famously known for her conservative nature will take over IBM from Sam Palmisano, IBM announced on Tuesday. The veteran of technology, who is 54 takes on the corporation starting January 1, 2012, after being in charge of sales and marketing for a

A busy year for Etna continues wth 17th eruption

We still have a few months to go in this year, and Etna still doesn’t look like it wants to stop its activity. The stratovolcano located in Sicily has already had its 17th eruption, whichm unlike most this year, came as quite a surprise. The volcano provided no seismic clues, instead the crater just filling up with lava and pushing

Researchers decode 18th century secret German society code

A team of Swedish scientists paired with a USC researcher to crack the Copiale Cipher, thus revealing secret rituals and beliefs of a secret German society that had a fascination for ophtalmology. Thousands of old and obscure symbols filled over 100 pages of text which was found in Berlin towards the end of the Cold War. For USC computer scientist

Sperm donors are manlier than non-donors

Researchers at Linköping University have taken up themselves to study the intricate personality of the sperm donor. What they found was that men who cared enough to preserve their heritage were more stable and mature than non-donors. Rather extensive, as part of the study the researchers asked donors from all of Sweden’s seven sperm banks to fill in questionnaires relating to