The touchpad keyboard – coming to a laptop near you

Touch is revolutionizing everything these days – first it was the touch screen, then it was the touch pad, and it seems, tomorrow – it will be the touch keyboard. The thing with keyboards is, everyone likes it some other way; some want a bigger distance between buttons, some have smaller fingers, some need certain buttons while some are only

iPhone 5G case design hints to edge-to-edge screen, flash camera repositioning

China-based Kulcase is listing an alleged “Newest design crystal case for Apple iPhone 5g” on the company’s page,  a case which it seems is actually based on leaked plans from Apple. The design mockup of the case, as well as the technical engineering drawing, shows that the iPhone 5G might have a new edge-to-edge display and a new location

Map of planets found by the Kepler satellite

Kinda gives you goosebumps, doesn’t it ? Via Berkeley Uni

Baby squid to be sacrificed into outer space … for science !

The stage seems finally set for the Endeavour launch that was delayed so long, and aside from the usual crew, the space shuttle will carry with it an unexpected passenger: a baby squid. All for the sake of science No, it’s not because astronauts have changed their menu, and it’s not just for the laughs – the squid can help

Better Dressed Dopamine

My name is Victoria and I am a shopaholic. I mean it! The feeling I will soon describe will be familiar to millions: a surge of excitement as they find that must-have item in the shop, followed by a sickening sense of let-down shortly afterwards. It may be some relief to discover that scientists not only know why it happens

Tutorial: Find the DNA in a Banana

If we could zoom in on a single, tiny cell, we could see an even teenier “container” inside called a nucleus. It holds a stringy substance: the  DNA. DNA contains a code for how to build a life-form and put together the features that make that organism unique. If we remove DNA from millions of cells, however, we will be

Do modern women prefer less manly men?

Aparently, the anser is YES. First of all, take a look at how the style of male icons has shifted. More rugged Sean Connery was replaced by celebrities as David Beckam, known to spend more time at the beauty salon than the average european female or the infamous Bieber.                     It

Spledid photos from the Sakurajima volcano eruption

Sakurajima is probably the most active and dangerous volcano in Japan. Actually, one of its eruptions from back in 1914 is still attested as the the most powerful volcanic eruption in Japanese history, which at the time engulfed a whole city in ash and lava, and joined the former island with the neighboring Osumi Peninsula. Curious to find more about

Teaching a robot how to sword fight might support safety advances

If you think giving a robot a sword and teaching him how to use is a bad idea, you may be just about half wrong.  A young robotics PhD student at Georgia Tech has programmed a robot how to sword fight, in terms of only defending itself against attacks in order to simulate the sudden movements of humans through robotic

Rugby-ball shaped dwarf planet covered in crystalline water ice

Discovered deep in the farthest reaches of our solar system, Haumea is a tiny dwarf planet which has been fascinating scientists for years now since its discovery in 2004, not only because of its peculiar rugby-ball shaped form, but also because of its surface structure. According to the European Southern Observatory, 75 per cent of its surface is covered with

Samsung’s series 5 Chromebook – photos and specs

I recently reported about Google’s new landmark exploration of the notebook retail sector, once with the development of their new Google Chrome line in which they offer their new and exiting OS in partnership with famous notebook retailers, starting from a 20$ leas (students). The selected retail partners are Samsung and Acer, each with a model of the now dubbed

The Fly Geyser – a man made surreal wonder

The Fly Geyser is a little known attraction, even to the people of Nevada, where it was created; yes, created, accidentally in the 1916 drilling of a well. It is currently located on a small private ranch, and currently, access to this wonder is not allowed, even though numerous organizations have tried to make it public domain. The geyser has a

The most spectacular comet death ever

  Every once in a while, the Sun gets a little hungry; in those times, it grabs on a little comet snack, and every once in a while, these ‘snacks’ are caught on tape. However, never has a comet been captured so spectacularly in its final moments as with the video released by NASA Tuesday. This type of comets is

Extrasolar hot Jupiter sheds some light on our own solar system

Since 1995, over 500 planets that don’t orbit our Sun have been discovered, with the numbers increasing more and more in the past years. But only recently did astrophysicists observe that in some of these cases, the star seems to be spinning in one direction, and the planet orbits it in the totally opposite direction – totally counterintuitive and against

Galileo reveals magma ‘ocean’ under surface of Jupiter’s moon

New analysis from NASA’s Galeileo spacecraft shows that there is an ocean of molten (or partially molten magma) beneath the surface of Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. The finding was published today, May 13, in Science magazine. Volcanic Io Io is the most active volcanic object in our solar system, and this confirmation of a magma existing beneath its surface

Octomom gives birth to thousands of octopus sons – all caught on tape

Giving birth is definitely not something you see everyday, but an octopus giving birth – that’s something you may never see. However, thanks to the Steinhart Aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, you get a chance to see just that: a species of Caribbean Octopus vulgaris giving birth. They took the octopus in captivity, and just

HIV: Drugs recommended immediatly to stop it spread

Of course, it is always better to prevent than to treat, but if prevention is no longer an option, than it is much better to start drug therapy as soon as possible after being detected HIV positive; this could help both the patient and it is also far less likely to pass on the virus to his sexual partner(s). Preventing

Neanderthals went extinct 10,000 years earlier, study says

Accurate dating of a Neanderthal fossil found in a Russian cave, showed that it was 10,000 years older than previous research had suggested. The find could provide proof for the dismissal of the theory which states that Neanderthals and modern humans interacted for thousands of years. The study leads scientists to believe that coexistence between humans and Neanderthals was minimum

Mississippi flood leads to hoards of animal refugees

Late this Monday, the Mississippi crested in at 47.8 feet (14.5 meters), just less than a foot below the city’s record, set in 1937. As the river reaches nearby city neighborhoods and Shelby County suburbs, nature has “put the pin back in the grenade,” said county spokesperson Steve Shular. Floods are really nasty, but for the local fauna everything’s gone

The secret to a long life: consciousness

A healthy life style, plenty of exercise and good genes might be your best bet, if you’re looking for a long life, but an eight decade study in the making found one common denominator – the answer to longevity is consciousness. In 1921, in a quest to understand what really sets apart people who happen to reach 80, even 90