Italy becomes the first country to totally drop plastic bags

You probably don’t know it yet, but our planet has a major problem with plastic. I wasn’t able to find an accurate statistic of how much of this is caused by regular ordinary plastic bags that everybody uses, but it’s definitely a considerable number. After a laudable initiative taken on by the city of Seattle, others have followed on these

Spectacular photos from the solar eclipse in 2011

The first solar eclipse of 2011 was indeed a spectacular one; even though it was only a partial eclipse, the 4th of January was a day to remember – for skygazers and not only. It was visible over the majority of Europe, as well as northwestern Asia, but it reached it’s most spectacular moment in Sweden, when the axis of

NASA satellite shows awesome phytoplankton bloom

When NASA satellites and biology come together in the same sentence, you just know something awesome is going to come up; this was the case with a phytoplankton bloom observed off the coast of Argentina. Two strong currents stirred the needed combination of nutrients, sald and microscopic organisms, and then sunlight did all the rest required to create such a

Neanderthal extinction not caused by diet

By all standards, at some point, Neanderthals were better prepared for life than any other human species; however, in spite of all this, they were extinct, while ‘we’ fluorished; the reason why this happened is still pretty much a mystery, but as always, some theories have been made. One of the most accepted ones was that the Neanderthal extinction happened

‘2012’ – most absurd science fiction movie ever

I’m gonna be honest with you – I didn’t see ‘2012’; honestly, I tried to. I started watching it two times, but it was just too stupid – and not the kind of funny stupid, the kind that just takes all the pleasure of watching (if you have a slight idea about what they’re saying in there). A number of

Evidence of new species of man found

Svante Paabo, the researcher whose work provided the basis for the Jurassic Park movies seems to have struck gold once again; this time it’s about a finger bone older than 30.000 years, found in the Altai mountains, that as far as DNA analysis has shown, belongs to no known species of humans. They also found a tooth that produced more

Wikipedia raises $16 million and remains ad free (shorties)

Say what you want about some articles or about the whole site in general, but Wikipedia is absolutely awesome; and the fact that they are ad free only contributes to their awesomeness. As you might know, in order to remain ad free, they appeal to people for donations. Founder Jimmy Wales said this year’s (actually last year’s) fundraises campaign was

New Year brings a miniature breed of cows, the Panda cow

This New Year brought more joy than usual for a Colorado family, as Chris and Pam Jessen were thrilled by the birth of an extremely rare type of cow in their farm: the panda cow. The panda cow is an uncommon cross breed that was worked on for 44 years by Richard Gradwohl, a Covington, Wash., farmer, using eight different

Happy New Year

Well ladies and gents, we’re taking a (not so) well deserved vacation ! Well, we’ve actually started it a few days ago, but we’ve been too full of pork and red wine to let you know – sorry about that ! But hey, what matters is that hopefully, all of us are healthy and happy, and the next year will

Woman with no fear intrigues researchers

Courage is not the absence of fear, but being afraid and facing it; for a 44 year old woman who is referred to “SM” for privacy reasons, that is not an option – she can not feel fear, biologically. Researchers have tried and tried with their best techniques to scare her, but there was absolutely no result. Haunted houses, monsters,

Organ size is determined by a protein

The latest in a long line of studies conducted on the fruit fly showed that organs have the molecular mechanisms to control their proportions, a process in which a protein called p53 plays the crucial role. The study was conducted by researchers at IRB Barcelona headed by ICREA Professor Marco Milán and will be published in December 15 in the

Atom nuclei can store information

In case you’re wondering, what you’re looking at is a silicon chip, only 1 millimeter square that was used by researchers to prove how data can be stored in the magnetic spin of atoms – and how it can then be accessed electronically. Physicists from the University of Utah have managed to store information in the magnetic spin of a

Futuristic railgun tested by US Navy

The yellow and red flags were out; everybody was tense, waiting, and the gun range was clear. The a klaxon sounded. “System is enabled,” the voice on the speakerphone said. The people nearby could feel a slight shake in the floor. “Gun is fired,” the voice said. All this took place inside a huge cavernous building at the Naval Surface

Geminids to offer another thrilling night for stargazers

The strangest meteor shower one can observe every year is almost upon us. Geminids is the only meteor shower that isn’t caused by a passing comet, but rather by an asteroid; the meteors are slow moving and pretty bright, making them a perfect target not only for astronomy afficionados, but for everybody who want’s to see a stellar show. From

World’s smallest battery created with a nanowire

A team led by Sandia National Laboratories researcher Jianyu Huang created the smallest battery in the world, with a single nanowire 7000 times thinner than a human hair as an anode. The battery was formed inside a transmission electron microscope (TEM) at the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT) to allow researchers to better understand the anode’s characteristics. “This experiment enables

The PeePoo bag: don’t poop where you eat

Nairobi, Kenya is home to one of the world’s biggest slums, more than one million people living in subhuman conditions in the African state capital. I’ve seen and read a lot of reports from there, and other African states alike, and the situation is indeed dire. Imagine having nothing to eat – now imagine having to poop the scraps of

Giant Panda breeding breakthrough leads to wildlife re-introduction program

What’s maybe China’s most prominent symbol, the Giant Panda has been for decades now on the endangered species list, with an estimate wildlife population of circa. 2000-3000 individuals. Conservation efforts and breeding projects have been in the works for a very long time, efforts which even proved to render diplomatic benefits (In the late 70’s the People Republic of China

NASA’s conference on arsenic eating microbe that could rewrite biology books

As I was telling you before, NASA got everybody hyped when they announced a big conference on the topic of finding alien life; of course everybody’s mind started flying to aliens and ET and all that, but more realistic people realized that something like this is extremely unlikely. However, pretty much everybody was shocked when they heard what it was

Physicists create a supernova in a jar

A supernova is a stellar explosion of cosmic proportions, that often can outshine the entire galaxy it is located in, before fading away in a matter of weeks or months. During this short period however, supernovae emit as much energy as the Sun emits during its entire life span – it’s the same kind of phenomena that researchers from the

Fisheries have no more place to expand on Earth

A new study that just makes you say ‘Wow!’ was published in the online journal PLoS ONE by researchers from the University of British Columbia; they concluded that our planet has absolutely no more place to expand fisheries after charting the systematic development of the industry. The study is the first one of this kind, taking into consideration the spatial