Enormous Jurassic Sea Predator, Pliosaur, Discovered In Norway

About a year and a half ago, the Natural History Museum in Oslo, Norway had announced the discovery of one of the largest dinosaur-era marine reptiles ever found; we’re talking here about a 15 meters (50 feet) feet long sea predator known as a pliosaur. This fossil (of over 150 million years of age) was found in the summer of

Japanese Brewer Creates “Alternative” Heat-Beating Soil to Cover Your Roofs With

 Japanese invent more and more things with everyday that  passes, some inventions being stunning and very useful,   while others are just neat tricks, the kind you do at a  barbeque. Still, every once in a while, they create something  which could be groundbreaking; and when you stop to think  about the so-called “heat-island” problem of  temperatures rising in packed urban

Life Encyclopedia; too popular for its own good?

The idea of a comprehensive encyclopedia has been launched a long time ago, and the internet was the perfect way to make it possible and to promote it and make it popular. The internet has done its job too well, because the computers which hosted the encyclopedia were overwhelmed and couldn’t keep it alive when it debuted Tuesday. I tried

Busy Beavers ease drought

I’ve always found it strange that beavers are considered by some pests; besides being amazing animals with some amazing habits, they also have been proven to have a positive effect during the droughts which occure quite often these days. They can help mitigate the effects of drought, and because of that, their removal from wetlands to accommodate industrial, urban and

West got dusty because of people

Think of the territory which was once cald the wild west; what’s the first image that pops up in your head? For most, it will probably be a dusty scenery, with some bush rolling about, an image of solitude. If you thought about that, then you were pretty close to the truth. During the last centuries, The West has become

Clothes that monitor heart beat and other vital signs

The science of clothing has evolved greatly: we have light skiing suits that keep us warm at -20 (and more) Celsius degrees, we have clothes that allow transpiration from the inside to get out but don’t allow water from the outside to come in, and also a whole lot of other inventions which aid our lives, more or less.So it

Saturn may be surrounded by undiscovered partial rings

There are still so many things we don’t know about our solar system, and if by some way we manage to acquire information about it, probably many mysteries would be solved. Still, it’s always nice to see that scientists are not wasting time and almost every week they find something incredible. For example, gaps in the soup of high energy

Mysterious compound could in fact be the key to ocean life

To understand this, you need just a very basic knowledge of chemistry, nothing fancy. When small parts of organic matter break down, they could go into rivers or ponds where they could cause a buildup of yellow-brown organic matter that amasses as the tiny plants die. Of course, this matter decomposes into something which is called chromophoric dissolved organic matter

Zig zagging trek

Probably all of us have, at a certain point, went on a trek in the mountains, or at least went up a hill of some sort. The shortest way to walk on flat terrain is still a straight line, but it has been proven that if you are going up a hill, zig zagging is the way to go. “You

British Petroleum Abandons Green Plans, Goes Back to Carbon

I had every bit of admiration for BP when they announced they were going towards some greener alternative, although this meant cutting back on some profits. Under the leadership of former CEO Lord Browne, British Petroleum had made steps to move its business model beyond only petroleum and into newer and greener energy sources. But the oil price is at

Mysterious creatures found in Antarctica seas

The return of three Antarctic marine science research vessels marks the crowning of one of Australia’s most ambitious International Polar Year projects, a census of life in the Antarctic seas. The ships (Aurora Australis and collaborating vessels L’Astrolabe from France and Umitaka Maru from Japan) came back from the Southern Ocean, their decks overflowing with a vast array of ocean

Novel Anticancer drug from the sea identified

Everyday you hear about something that cures (or almost cures) cancer; some stand out and are quite effective, some are not. This drug appears to be in the first category, as it is highly potent compound with a unique structure, and scientists are thrilled to have found it. It was discovered by a collaborative team of researchers led by Dennis

Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight

A lunar eclipse occurs whenever the Moon passes through some portion of the Earth’s shadow (the moon gets behind the earth or the sun, earth, and then the moon). It doesn’t happen quite often, but not as rare as the solar eclipse. Such an event will take place tonight, charming skywatchers across the United States and much of the world.

Sharks in peril: the world’s fiercest predators cornered, almost extinct

A long time ago, sharks had no natural enemy; they were on top of the trophic chain. All this has changed when man entered the chain, and suddenly (in geological terms) there was no animal safe; some were forced into extinction, many more were threatened, and all feared dire days. Although this may sound a bit metaphorical and even a

Laser beam believed to be the most intense

A laser is an electronic-optical device that produces coherent light radiation. It’s very useful in various fields, such as medicine (bloodless surgery, laser healing, survical treatment, kidney stone treatment, eye treatment, dentistry), industry (cutting, welding, material heat treatment, marking parts) research (Spectroscopy, laser ablation, Laser annealing, laser scattering) and many many others. Now picture the following situation: You have a

Scientists point out our flock mentality

This has been talked about for ever, and as much as we admit it or not, a big mass of people is in fact quite easy to manipulate, because of our… flock mentality. Results from a study at the University of Leeds show that it takes a minority of just five per cent to influence a crowd’s direction. The other

Terrestrial Planets might form around stars similar to the Sun

What seemed to be a very natural and obvious conclusion needed a whole lot of studies and research to be proven; terrestrial planets might form around many, if not most, of the nearby stars which are similar to the sun, or at least resemble it greatly. These studies suggest that life may be actually quite common in our galaxy. Michael

The hand of blood: man makes sure no ocean water remains pristine

A new study has shown that not even a square meter of the world’s oceans has been left untouched by human activities. Oceansystems face probably the largest of threats from humans including overfishing, pollution, and rising ocean temperatures and ocean acidification caused by global warming. The study has been led by an international team of scientists which analyzed data from

Student designs safety helmet which signals for help in case of accident

Nowadays almost everybody, even most bad ass bikers wear safety helmets, and there is a very good reason for that. Because science has evolved significantly, their design and material are so good that they can save your life in most cases! Now, things have gone to a bit higher level, as Brycen Spencer, an engineering student at the University of

Carbon capture strategy could lead to emission-free cars

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a strategy to capture, store and even recycle carbon from vehicles, in this way keeping the carbon from finding its way from the car to the atmosphere. In their vision, a car with zero emissions and completely free of fossil fuels is really close. Technologies that capture carbon dioxide emissions from