Climate change in NY likely to increase diseases

As global warming is starting to be felt more and more, secondary side effects are being predicted and reported throughout the whole world. Recently, a new report published by researchers from Cornell, Columbia University, and Hunter College painted a dire picture for New York, predicting disproportionate effects of climate change in the following decades, which will lead to a number

NASA’s big rover on its long way to Mars

Following an absolutely perfect launch with no apparent problems whatsoever, NASA’s Curiosity rover has started its long way towards the Red Planet. Curiosity and Mars The car-sized rover blasted off Saturday at 10:02 a.m. ET from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and separated from the rocket right on schedule, 45 minutes later. The pinnacle of technology in spatial rovers, Curiosity

Watch the Mars rover launch LIVE this Saturday [video stream]

On November 26, after countless delays, budget overruns and buckets of sweat, humankind’s most capable machine of landing on and traveling through the red planet will finally touch base and launch towards its ambitious destination. The Curiosity rover‘s lift off is currently scheduled for 10:02 a.m. EST, this Saturday. Also known as the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), the Curiosity rover will

Moss graffiti: a eco-way of painting street art

The term “urban jungle” gets tossed a lot, however it can take a literary connotation when you think of beautiful moss graffiti. As people become more eco-friendly and environmentally aware, the idea of making living, breathing graffiti has become a more green and creative outlet for graffiti artists. Moss paint  is a lot more eco-friendly than the toxic chemicals used in

North American natives used to make fabrics out of dog hair

Dogs have a long history alongside humans, as faithful companions. Besides friendship, however, canines offered humans also the means to keep warm and stylish alike, as their hair was used to manufacture fabrics from cloth to carpets, a practice particular to the North American residents off the Pacific coast. The fact is highly debatable, but researchers from York University claim

Partial solar eclipse in the southern hemisphere

There’s a lot going on today, besides rabid shopping sprees. This Friday (Nov. 24), a partial solar eclipse will occur above the Earth’s southern hemisphere, a delight for residents lucky enough to cross its path, albeit quite small in numbers. This is the forth time the moon will block the sun in a spectacle of dark and light this year,

Pigeon Pea Genome Cracked: Benefits Farming Millions in Asia & Africa

Hyderabad (South India): A team of scientists has claimed to have achieved a major breakthrough by successfully sequencing the genome of Pigeon pea, considered an “orphan crop” and “poor peoples’ meat “ for its protein-rich content, mainly grown by small and marginal farmers across the world. Years of genome analysis by a global research partnership led by the Hyderabad-based International

Disposed Paper cups “Death traps” for honey bees in urban ecosystem: Indian study

HYDERABAD (South India): Believe it or not. Paper cups disposed off by coffee and fruit juice bars have become ‘death traps’ for honey bees which account for 80 per cent of pollination of crops in India. The bees, in their pursuit for honey in flowers, get attracted to the sugar residue in the cups and collapse as they could not

ICT to save 19 million dissection animals each year in Indian schools

As many as 19 million frogs, mice, cockroaches, guinea pigs, rats and rabbits, hitherto butchered in zoology and life science laboratories in India every year, will henceforth be saved from the slaughter.  Thanks to the wisdom and concern shown at last by the University Grants Commission (UGC), the apex regulatory body for higher education inIndia, Buckled under pressure from environmental

Pluto might host a hidden ocean

Some astronomers have long believed that an ocean might lurk beneath Pluto’s ice, heated by isotopes undergoing a radioactive decay – but we’ll have to wait until 2015 to know for sure. The New Horizons spacecraft is set to visit Pluto less than four years from now, and it will map the surface of the planetoid and its moon, Charon;

Graphene foam detects explosives, emissions better than today’s gas sensors

Remember this name: graphene. This wonder material is certainly on a lot of scientists’ lips these days, but in a few years from now, it will be on the lips of more and more people, as its fantastic properties will begin to be put to practical use. Graphene is a planar sheet of Carbon, just one atom thick, densely packed

Interview: ‘Next year we will see the Higgs particle – or exclude its existence’

I recently came across this interview with Prof. Dr. Siegfried Bethke, Director at the Max Planck Institute of Physics in Munich, posted at Physorg, and just had to share it, because it is incredibly interesting: Professor Bethke, particles have been colliding with each other at the LHC for two years now, the detectors have so far registered close to one

Delaying measures against anthropic climate change will mean higher costs

If the current pledges under the UN flag to cut carbon emissions are not improved, then it is estimated that the cost of meeting the world’s targets regarding global warming will rise by half, according to OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). Basically, these things have to be done, sooner or later, until it is too late; if we

China overtakes US in smartphone shipments

The US was still the largest market in the world by revenue, but in terms of shipments, China took the grand prize, although they might find it hard to keep this position for long. China shipped no less than 23.9 million units by the end of the third quarter, according to Strategy Analytics, while the US claimed ‘only’ 23.3 million

2011’s last solar eclipse preparing for those in the Southern hemisphere

Well 2011 is nearing its end, and the last solar eclipse of the year will put on quite a show for some people in the Southern hemisphere on Friday (Nov 25), but American shouldn’t bother raising their eyes from the Thanksgiving plates. According to NASA, the partial solar eclipse will only be visible to people from South Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania

New Samsung Galaxy S II mocks iPhone users

The new TV ad for the Samsung Galaxy S II depicts their rivalry with iPhone so good, that they actually mock iPhone users, caricaturing customers waiting in line. The spot shows lots of people waiting in line to get ‘some smartphone’, and then BAM! Out of nowhere, cool guys with Samsung appear. But that’s not all they mocked. “If it

Scientists analyze Earth’s core – baffled by the lack of oxygen

The great part of Earth’s liquid outer core comprises of molten iron, which is just swell for us and every inhabitant of our planet, because this layer generates a magnetic field which protects us from radiation which would be lethal. But common accepted theory suggests that there should also be some lighter ingredients down there, judging by its density, which

Webb telescope may revolutionize science – but at an astronomic cost

Despite budget cuts, NASA is currently working on a telescope so big and so powerful that it has every change of redefining our place in the Universe. We all know and love Hubble, and not just because of all the fantastic pictures; the Hubble telescope has helped us understand so much about the Universe we live in that it’s absolutely

Scientists find best planets for extraterrestrial life

Searching for extraterrestrial life is no longer a dream, but a reality, and researchers are beginning to significantly narrow down the places where we should search. From our solar system, on top of the list are Mars and Mercury, surprising as that might be, followed by one of Saturn’s moons, Titan. Outside our solar system, the only thing we know

Digital contact lens grants Terminator-vision

A group of ophthalmologists and optoelectronics scientists are currently working on contact lens that can display information directly to the retina. So far the device is quite rudimentary, displaying only one well focused pixel, however further research might allow individuals wearing this special computerized lenses to read e-mails, receive real time notifications of important events or even acquire Terminator-style lock-on. All as easy as