Study bolsters hope for lung cancer pill

A much anticipated and highly expected drug could come from Pfizer Inc, the biggest drug company in the world; the drug appears to double survival over standard approved drugs, but only against lung tumours with a certain mutation. The drug, called crizotinib, would be the first targeted treatment for the roughly 50,000 people who get this cancer each year worldwide,

Biologists use DNA for calculating square roots

Biological systems have recently attracted the attention of mathematicians and computer scientists, who have been turning everything from quantum processes to RNA into logic gates. But before you get paranoid about DNA controlling Skynet, you have to know that these systems have only been successful on a small scale, calculating square roots on four-bit numbers, and each calculation took over

[VIDEO] Man-sized meteor over Georgia sky

In a relevant display of  NASA’s fireball-observing network capabilities, a set of automatic robotic cameras caught a man-sized meteor as it blasted though Earth’s atmosphere causing a fireball spectacle. The event took place on May 20, when the 6-foot-wide (1.8-meter) space rock entered the atmosphere at about 66 miles (106 kilometers) above the city of Macon, Ga, traveling at about

Robot juggling 5 balls; this. Is. AWESOME

You can add another thing to the list of robots do and 99.99% of humans can’t; this time, it’s all about juggling. Students from the Department of Control Engineering at Prague’s Czech Technical University have managed to create a robot that can juggle up to 5 balls, something that even most jugglers have a hard time mastering. Here is the

Geologists press recognition of Anthropocene – Earth changing human epoch

We are living epoch changing times – literally. According to an influential and evergrowing group of geologists, there are more and more signs that we are living in an epoch that is like no other in the history of the Earth, and therefore it is required that we acknowledge it as so – the Anthropocene. Humans and the Anthropocene If

Harvesting gas from Uranus might power interstellar flight

Project Icarus is an extremely fascinating initiative which aims to bring humanity closer to the stars. The latest theory proposed by scientists there is related to the development of system which could allow the harvesting of helium-3 gas from Uranus to fuel a possible interstellar mission. Uranus, then, seems to be a very resourceful planet, considering scientists believe it’s covered

Out with the food pyramid, in with the 2.0 food plate

You know the food pyramid, right ? It shows you just approximately how much of each food element you should eat in order to be healthy and make the most out of your life. Well, the Food and Drug Association (FDA) decided that it’s no longer hip enough, and decided to give it a new redesign, with a web 2.0

The colour red increases speed and strength of reactions

What can possibly link together speed, strength, and the colour red ? Nope, it’s not a brand new Ferrari – it’s your muscles ! A new groundbreaking study published in the journal Emotion shows that if you see red, your reactions become faster, more powerful, and you won’t even realize it. Science and sports Of course, due to the crazy

Congo bans plastic bags

More and more countries are seeking to ban or at least limit the use of plastic bags or have already done so, and the latest government to go for this smart, eco-friendly move is the Republic of Congo. The African nation has just recently passed a bill in which the production, import, sale and use of plastic bags is banned,

Rising temperatures threaten a food crisis

Global warming is not an abstract element, it’s not harmless, and it doesn’t apply only to polar caps; it affects the entire world, including you and me. Taking a look at food prices Even though mundane things tend to become cheaper and cheaper, food has become more and more expensive in the past few years, giving us a good hint

Amazing picture shows solar eclipse from space

No comment.

Great video shows alkali metal reactions with air and water

Here is the video, go watch it (it will rock your world if you don’t know your chemistry – and even if you do, it’s still great to watch). I’ll come back with a short explanation after the video. Alkali metals are a series of metals from Mendeleev’s periodic table; you can find them right under Hydrogen, which is the

Cigarettes get slapped with bigger and harsher warnings

Remember the days when cigarettes didn’t have to feature labels of all the bad things that can happen if you smoke ? Well, I don’t; but then again, maybe in a few decades people won’t remember the days when cigarettes used to have such ‘light warnings’. Practically, in just a generation or so, things have switched from ‘cigarettes may cause

The Spirit Rover’s last transmitted image from Mars

Captioned above is the very last piece of transmitted imagery by the now defunct Mars Spirit Rover (rest its soul; HA!), before the harsh Martian winter forced it into submission; and it’s quite the vista as well – the Columbia Hills. This was transmitted during Spirit’s  2,175th sol on Mars, when it got stuck in the sand and was unable

Devil worms live at 1.3 km beneath ground

Worms are definitely a tough bunch; you may see them as soft and vulnerable, but they can resist in conditions that would make even Les Stroud go ‘wow’. For example, a new study concludes that worms can live in up to 0.8 miles (1.3 kilometers) down. The worms from hell They have been rightfully named Halicephalobus mephisto in honor of

People of color: the majority of Americans by 2042

According to a recent research published by Policylink, an US research institute which aims ‘to advance economic and social equity’ in the nation,  the majority of the American population in 2050 will be of color. In the report, dubbed Prosperity 2050, the authors outline how the startling increase in discrepancies between wealth and social status between demographics could pose dire

Wheat field in the wind kinetic sculpture

Kinetic art is one of the most fascinating art forms out there. A painting can sometimes seem so vivid that it comes to life and almost grabs you, a particular song might be able to touch parts of your soul which you wouldn’t even know are there otherwise, but kinetic art literally impresses through its moving elements that actually form

MSI unveils new WindPad Enjoy 10 and 7

At the recent Computex technology exhibit in Taipei, MSI has unveiled some of its latest technological advances in the field. Among the various devices the company has exhibit at the trade show, was the WindPad 100W which has caused stirs all over the tech world due to its seemingly powerful specs, and two other tablet models which are looking equally

Jetpack successfully climbs to 5,000 feet. Can be yours for $100,000

For most, a jetpack can be considered more of a SciFi concept than a viable, realistic flying contraction. However, recent advances from a New Zealand aeronautical company might have paved the way for jetpacks to finally become commercially mainstream. Exiting, right? Just recently this month, the aforementioned company, Martin Aircraft Co.,  has successfully tested one of its jetpack model to

Your cat’s secret life

Cats are surprisingly independent pets, which I’m sure most of you who own one already know, and as I’m steadily leaning about this myself in the past few weeks since I adopted a little feline devil. Do you really know, however, how independent your cat is? Well, although house cats can be fairly lazy and spend all their day sleeping