Drones to offer faster, cheaper monitoring of Antarctica’s ecosystems

Their job will be to take pictures of fat seals and I’m so, so envious.

Fishing banned in the thawing Arctic for the next 16 years in historic pact

Sometimes, the world can work together for the common gold.

Scientists track and study sharks by analyzing environmental water DNA

The method could open a breakthrough for shark research.

Recurring nightmares likely stem from unfulfilled basic psychological needs

Everyone needs to cope — even brains.

Five weeks of Zumba makes you not only fitter but also happier, study reports

Physical activity does wonders not only for your body but for your mind as well.

The first migrane-specific drugs to show promise in late-stage clinical trials

A new class of drugs might save you a lot of headaches.

With Flink, researchers will be able to 3D print living minifactories

Ever needed a tiny, living factory? Of course you did, you just didn’t know it.

Google now runs 100% on renewable energy — 3.0 gigawatts of it

Leading by example, Google invests more and more into renewable energy.

Artificial Intelligence might soon be judging gymnastics

Would you be OK with computers being the judges of gymnastics?

Being overweight is even more harmful than we thought, new study shows

We knew that extra pounds are bad for your health, but a new study claims that we may have underestimated the effect.

NYC’s uptown and downtown rats don’t mix, new study found

A young graduate student spent years studying the genes of NYC rats.

Russia on the brink of HIV crisis as AIDS denial runs rampant through the country

The country might be on the verge of a health crisis.

Huge exoplanet ten times more massive than Jupiter has unique carbon monoxide atmosphere

There’s no water in its stratosphere — a first that might change what scientists think Hot Jupiters form.

NASA algorithm and citizen scientists allow biologists to track whale sharks

The research could help us better understand and protect these gentle giants.

Antidepressants that make it past water treatment cause fish to fear predators less

Our human medication is affecting the behaviour of animals that live in the water.

A lot of eggs in one basket: Paleontologists discover pterosaur egg bonanza

They say don’t put your eggs in one basket, but what about putting your eggs in the same bedrock?

The unfabulous reason why glitter should be banned 

Scientists glitter can be a health hazard for wildlife once it ends up in waterways.

Volcano in Bali has been erupting for over a week, and things might get even worse

Things are really heating up in Bali.

Supervolcano eruptions might be more common than we thought — but there’s still no need to panic

If it happens, it happens — there’s not that much we can do about it.

Rising seas risk washing tens of thousands archaeological sites clean off the map in the US alone

Children in the future will have a much soggier view of their roots.