World Health Organization: We need to ban trans fats within the next five years

It’s a very important plan — here’s hoping it succeeds.

Two thirds of Americans believe the government isn’t doing enough for the environment

The only thing people agree on was that things were going the wrong way.

NASA shuttle finds evidence of water plumes on Europa — sparking more hopes signs of life

This could be huge for our search of extraterrestrial life.

How many dimensions are there?

According to String Theorists, there are at least 10 dimensions. But there could be as many as 26.

Alcohol and tobacco, not illegal drugs, are the biggest threat to human health

Put that cigarette down, and forget that extra beer.

Utah tourists are destroying ancient dinosaur tracks — and throwing them into the water

Ignorance at its finest.

“Exiled” asteroid shouldn’t be where it is

How did it get there?

What are isotopes

Calling them ‘fatter atoms’ is considered rude.

Machine learning corrects photos taken in complete darkness, turns them into amazingly sharp images

Who needs Photoshop when you got this?

Celebrating Richard Feynman’s 100th Birthday

In honor of Feynman’s centennial.

From the pyramids to Stonehenge – were prehistoric people astronomers?

Were prehistoric people really capable of astronomy?

Deadly fungus threatening to wipe out amphibians around the world traced to Korea

The East Asian pet trade of amphibians needs to be halted at once, according to the researchers.

Most oncologists recommend medical marijuana, although they admit they’re not informed enough

The gap is important to bridge.

Ant groups alternate between movement types to avoid obstacles

Birds, err, ants of a fellow flock together.

Mindbending ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ experiment involving 100,000 gamers proves Einstein wrong

Quantum mechanics — how does it work?!

Stress may be our hidden weapon against anxiety disorders, new research suggests

Silver linings!

Early baleen whales were fearsome predators with wicked teeth, but lost them entirely

Baleen, one surprising fossil suggests, evolved from gums rather than teeth.

A new study reveals why ice gets so slippery — and it wasn’t what we expected

The next time you slip on a lick of ice, at least you’ll know the physics behind it!

Probiotics and breastfeeding help fight antibiotic resistance in children, study suggests

Results are promising, but keep in mind that the benefits of probiotics are oversold and exaggerated.

Woman’s runny nose lasted for two years, turns out it was a freaking brain fluid leak

She spent a lot of money on tissues…