Extinction model that factors in body size explains why animals tend to evolve larger bodies

The model teaches us what makes a species more resilient with limited resources.

Eating quickly might favor weight gain, study suggests

The results showed that 21.5% of the slow-eating group was obese, compared to almost 30% of the normal-speed eaters and 45% of the fast-eating group.

Cockroaches might inspire the future of robotics

Roach bots could be used to explore alien worlds and find survivors in disaster relief operations.

Medical ants rescue and care for injured comrades

The behavior surprised biologists, showing just how complex ants really are.

Graphene labels can be burned into food and clothing–and used as electronics or sensors

It could mean the beginning of edible and wearable electronics.

How your waterproof jacket might be making you fat

Chemicals commonly used in non-stick pans or stain-free clothing might promote obesity.

Ancient fossilized footprints reveal how juvenile mammoths looked out for their elderly

Juvenile mammoths cared for wounded members of their herd, similarly to their modern-day descendants, the African Elephants.

Physical exercise is more important for health than weight, study reports

Being healthy doesn’t mean losing weight.

Arizona woman goes to bed with terrible headache, wakes up with British accent

This is stranger the fiction. The woman in question insists that there’s nothing funny about all of this.

Fairly Tradeable: Corporate sustainability limited in both scope and outcome, analysis reveals

The good news is that consumer involvement is very effective in increasing sustainability.

Scientists win photo contest with image of a single, trapped atom

A single atom, trapped in time and space.

Scientists use mobile optical atomic clocks in the field for the first time (and this is a big deal)

These are the most precise clocks in the world, ticking every quadrillionth of a second.

Sea level rise is accelerating, could lead to twice as much sea level rise by 2100 than previously expected

Sea levels aren’t only rising, they’re doing so at an accelerating rate.

Book Review: ‘Spaceman: An Astronaut’s Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe’

An excellent read for people of all ages and all backgrounds, and a bible for anyone looking to become an astronaut.

Witness the birth of an octopus at the Virginia Aquarium– and learn how it happens

The miracle of life.

Alcohol makes you aggressive by impairing the polite parts of your brain

Ever heard the idiom “as peaceful as a drunkard”? No? Here’s why.

Self-healing and fully recyclable electronic skin will help robots feel touch

It’s not perfect but we’re getting there.

Far-ultraviolet lamps could eradicate airborne viruses in public spaces — with no risk to us

It can’t go through our skin, but it will wreck viruses and bacteria.

Meat substitutes in Europe have grown by 451% in the past four years

Eating more legumes and less meat is one of the healthier, more environmentally-friendly things you can do.

Schizophrenia patients can calm down their brain by playing a computer game

Participants were able to better control their hallucinations after playing a computer game.