Researchers 3D-print shockingly realistic human organ models

This could soon pave the way for real, functioning organs.

Swarm AI correctly predicted TIME’s Person of the Year

The swarm intelligence found the #MeToo movement as the clear winner. It’s the second time in a row it guessed TIME’s POTY.

Oldest black hole found by astronomers — the gargantuan object lies 13 billion light years away from us

It’s the farthest, oldest, and perhaps most mysterious object we’ve ever discovered.

With a 3-D printed attachment, your laundry bottle could order more detergent when it’s running low

Smart or lazy?

Newly discovered amphibious dinosaur had swan-like body but killer raptor claws

A crazy dino chimera.

Squeezing crystals from plant waste generates electricity

A biodegradable plant protein can be crushed to directly generate electricity.

3D-printed “living tattoo” turns bacteria into sensors and computers you can wear


Palm oil deforestation is slowly killing the Sumatran Tiger

Future generations may live in a world without this majestic animal.

First all-electric cargo ship built in China will start its career drenched in irony

Cool achievement, ignoble task.

Ginormous hydrogen clouds whizz around the Milky Way at phenomenal speeds

Scientists gain new insight into mysterious cloud formations traveling around the galaxy.

Graphene trainers are strong, stretchy, and have an excellent grip

The future of shoes might be graphene.

Bronze Age people used meteorites to create iron weapons

Bronze Age people used space weapons. Well, a few of them did.

Robot learns like a toddler to predict future outcomes in its environment

Taking inspiration from babies, this machine learns to predict seconds into the future.

ISS bacteria is almost the same as in your home, and that’s a good thing

Microbes seem at home in the space lab.

Win-Win: Eat healthy for yourself but also for the environment

If you want to do the environment and yourself a favor, just eat healthily. There will be fewer emissions and less land use.

Europa’s tectonics might be powered by salt, could sustain life on the moon

Different causes, same effect.

Amniotic fluid contains a wealth of stem cells that can be safely and non-invasively extracted

They could help many more patients in need of cell therapy.

Morally outraged tweets spread better, but largely stay within ‘red’ and ‘blue’ bubbles

A graph that speaks 1,000 words about how ideology is trapped in the same bubble on social media.

Ice Age era caves found below the Canadian city of Montréal

An interesting discovery!

One in two abortions worldwide not deemed safe. Most take place in countries with restrictive abortion laws

Illegal abortions are correlated with dangerously unsafe abortions.