Orangutans don’t use tools instinctively — they actually think about what they’re doing

Give an orangutan a banana and you’ll feed him for a day. Give him a stick and he’ll poke bananas for a lifetime.

Unexpected notes make music more enjoyable

Surprise is the spice of life.

New device makes it easy to see when water has too much fluoride

This could be very important for developing countries.

These tributes to the Opportunity rover will break your heart

Goodnight, sweet prince…

NASA bids farewell to 15-year-old rover on Mars

Adio, Opportunity! You’ll be forever in our hearts <3.

An empty home tax could be more effective than building new homes, new study concludes

Who’s against having an empty home tax?

How deer are shaping the sounds of the forest

Deer are affecting forests in more than one way, researchers found.

Giant African Titanosaur had a heart-shaped tail

The perfect Valentine’s dinosaur — a massive Titanosaur!

Small teams are better at producing new ideas, new study finds

However, small teams are typically underfunded, researchers find.

New design hotfix could make artificial leaves better than actual leaves

I can hardly beleaf it!

Laser-induced graphene foam gains new super powers

Graphene aline can be challenging to work with on its own, but composites are already functional.

Ultra-processed food linked to dying prematurely

Almost 60% of a typical American’s diet is comprised of ultra-processed foods.

We’ve just discovered the Earth’s largest drum: our planet’s magnetosphere

It’s larger than the Earth itself.

Climate of North American cities in 2080 will tend to resemble those of today hundreds of miles south

For instance, Washington D.C.’s 2080 climate would be similar to that of Paragould, Arkansas today.

Ancient monoliths like Stonehenge may have spread from northwestern France about 7,000 years ago

There are actually tens of thousands of Stonehenge-like structures throughout Europe.

A brief look at how the idea of elevators came up

They really are an underappreciated invention — it took a lot of work!

Seven traits are seen as moral by the whole world, study finds

It’s good to be good.

NASA finds a second huge impact crater beneath Greenland’s ice sheet

Our planet has received its fair share of visitors along the years. This one has been hiding under Greenland’s thick ice.

Pioneers of climate science win “Nobel” prize for environment

You could hardly imagine more deserving scientists to receive this award.

For the first time, we can “see” the physical forces of cells in action

This could revolutionize the study of life sciences.