‘Rust’ fungi threaten to wipe out Latin America’s coffee crops

A fungal infection has devastated up to 70% of coffee production in some regions.

Antarctic ice shelf makes ghostly sounds as winds whip across its surface

It’s like the soundscape for a bad horror movie.

How supercapacitors could usher in a new age for hybrid vehicles

Supercapacitors, super cars.

Gas giants orbiting young star may require astronomers to rethink planetary formation

A bizarre stellar ‘toddler’ is leaving scientists scratching their heads.

Apple donates 1,000 watches for study to monitor binge eating

Every 60 minutes, someone dies in the U.S. because of an eating disorder.

Dogs may be able to process the meaning of some words, brain scans reveal

Man’s best friend seems to have a neural representation of the words it has been taught.

Humans are exterminating mammals faster than evolution can keep up

Saving biodiversity makes more sense than waiting millions of years for it to re-evolve.

Canada’s Pied Piper Province — How Alberta Became Rat-less

Alberta managed something that few other areas can boast.

Jupiter’s moon Ganymede shows signs of “strike-slip” tectonic activity

This could, ultimately, help us look for extraterrestrial life in our solar system.

Chili peppers may have antidepressant qualities

Capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili peppers, eased depression symptoms in mice.

Neanderthal child was eaten by giant bird

Talk about a gruesome story — yikes!

2°C warming in Puerto Rico caused 60-fold crash in insect population

We need urgent climate action in order to avoid catastrophic ecosystem collapse.

Hundreds of dietary supplements are tainted with unlisted drugs

These pose “a serious public health risk.” Most are sexual enhancement, weight loss, and bodybuilding supplements.

World’s fastest camera captures 10 trillion frames per second

The unprecedented scale of imaging can record even the slightest changes in the behavior of light.

Scientists find oldest evidence of animal life in 660-million-year-old biomarkers

Ancient sponges were among the first animals that scientists have been able to identify.

Italy’s Mount Etna might soon collapse into the sea

Well this sure ain’t good news.

Archaeologists discover Roman-age burial site of “vampire-child”

Strap your seatbelts, it’s creepy time.

Stephen Hawking’s final paper suggests black holes store information about missing matter in ‘soft hairs’

The late physicist’s very last paper offers new insight into the black hole information paradox.

New 3D-printing process creates ligaments, tendons for transplant — paves the way for replacement organs

Print me a new me, please. Make me taller, too.

Fossil Friday: the tiniest, most adorable Tylosaurus skull ever found