Scientists say cheetahs should be on the endangered list

The range of cheetahs is becoming smaller and smaller — as is their population.

Tasmanian tiger genome reveals new clues about its extinction but also surprising kinship to kangaroo

It was also particularly vulnerable to disease well before humans arrived in Australia.

The difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

Big differences hide in tiny things.

Martian atmosphere is not threatened by solar wind

The findings imply that we don’t really know how Mars’ water disappeared.

The Earth whispers in a low hum that’s now been recorded for the 1st time underwater

This planet is restless to its core.

Generic, cheaper Viagra is coming soon to an over-the-counter near you

Viagra improved the lives of millions of men — now, it’s becoming cheaper and more easily available.

Physics discover the most exciting form of matter: Excitonium

It’s a discovery that has everyone excited.

The potato brought an era of peace and prosperity to Europe

You shouldn’t overlook the potato.

Playing computer games could help keep your brain in good shape, new study reports

Super Mario is better for your brain than taking piano lessons.

Boeing wants to beat SpaceX to Mars. Elon Musk: “Do it”

The two companies are in a direct competition, and we just can’t have enough of it.

The story of human dispersal out of Africa started 60,000 years earlier than previously thought

The history of mankind’s humble beginnings has been rewritten.

Woman burns her retinas looking at the eclipse and doctors take the first-ever pictures of such damage

Don’t look at the sun!

The International Space Station is mounting a new device to protect it from space junk

It’s a sensor that will tell scientists how common small, but dangerous debris are.

Wildfires roar through Southern Cali as NASA and ESA satellites watch, powerless to intervene

Immense devastation has been wrought upon California this year.

Scientists find gut to brain connection that controls hunger — and switch it off

The insight could prove useful to battle obesity.

World’s oldest eye found in a fossil in Estonia is very similar to today’s eyes

Not much has changed for the eye.

Hormonal contraception raises the risk of cancer for women by up to 38%

Including the pill, injections, or IUDs.

Intensive weight management can put type 2 diabetes into remission

Want to get rid of diabetes? Just lose some weight.

Google’s AlphaZero surpassed the sum of human chess knowledge — in 4 hours

Feeling outdated yet?

Scientists name 245-million-year-old Horseshoe crab after Darth Vader

The force is strong with this one.