In all likelihood, you are reading this text on a laptop screen. Even if it’s not exactly a laptop, it certainly will be a toned down version of a computer with a screen and thousands of small PCBs. The issue being pointed to here is the vast reach of electronic gadgets. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops are increasingly becoming very integral parts of our lives. This revolution has been equally matched by a whopping pace of progress in the electronics labs of the world, which is resulting in the coming up of new gadgets within very short durations of time. A direct outcome of this is the fact that people are discarding their existing gadgets, and making the move on to new ones. A very simple example of this fact is how you choose to replace your old handset with a new one every other year. Similarly, faster and funkier laptops make way into households, relegating the existing ones into the discarded electronics attics.

Is there something that you’re missing out on?

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Is there anything different to be done? Well, if you’d appreciate an effective 30% discount on your new laptop purchase, and a guilt free conscience in terms of being responsible for environmental health, then the answer is YES. Your decision to be smarter with the way you deal with laptops and mobile handsets being replaced with new and better versions can land you with more money. Of course, this practice, when adopted by hundreds and thousands of people, relieves the nature a lot on terms of the stress that would otherwise have fallen its way. By selling off your old laptop, you can get pretty decent cash inflows, that’s because there are several people out there looking for more affordable used electronic products.

How can a discarded laptop cause harm to the environment?

It’s a pretty genuine question. How could your old and battered laptop pose any environmental threats, you wonder? Well, you’d have to agree that considering the pace at which technologies are becoming obsolete, and the affordability of upcoming devices, your currently owned devices are bound to be left useless in a few years. Also, you would not naturally consider the option of selling off your old electronics equipments and get paid. In this manner, your discarded laptops are headed over for a destiny where they end up in a waste bin. The metal and plastic casing of the laptop would have hardly ever let it known to you that the inside of the machine is made of several toxic and non biodegradable elements. Nickel, zinc, barium, copper – these are just a few of the hard ingredients of a laptop that pollute land and air when your discarded laptops get dumped. Apart from these, there are flammable materials that pose further risks to the environment, if the old laptops are not properly dismantled and their components segregated before dumping.

So, this way you are taking care of your environment (living green) and also making money by selling your old stuff.