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It’s coming to the end of the year and when it comes to energy bills 2013 hasn’t exactly been easy. Big energy firms have put their prices up and some people have struggled to cope with this. That’s why when it comes to January you should be savvy about saving energy.
Start of the New Year by getting into good habits and keeping an eye on your energy usage. January is one of the colder months, so you will end up putting the heating on. However, there are other ways to save energy. Read on to discover how you can save energy in January.


New Year’s Eve Parties

When planning your New Year’s Eve party take a moment think about how much energy you are using. If you are hosting a party can you think of ways to make it more eco friendly? For example, try not to use too many lights, use energy efficient appliances to prepare for your party and think of fun games to play rather than using electrical appliances.
You can use a surprising amount of energy in an evening, especially on New Year’s so it pays to think about your energy consumption.

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Beat The Winter Blues

January is traditionally a fairly depressing month because Christmas is over and the weather isn’t very good. However, that doesn’t mean you should sit around in your house all the time using up energy.

Watching television, turning up the heating and using appliances will all add to your energy bill. Try and keep busy and active in January instead of always staying at home. Go outside more often and do exercise, visit friends and book in some fun things to look forward to.

Keep Warm

We have had a fairly mild winter so far, December really hasn’t been that cold. However, the weather is bound to get colder into January. Instead of immediately turning up the heating in January, try and find other ways to insulate your house and stay warm.
Get rid of drafts, add insulation, wear lots of layers and only heat the rooms you are staying in. Be proactive and try different ways to stay warm other than putting a heater on or turning up the heating, it will save you a lot of money on energy bills.

Utilise January Sales

There are huge savings in January when it comes to shopping. If you have some things you need to get that will help you save energy at home then get them in January. Switch your old inefficient appliances for modern, energy efficient models which will be heavily discounted in the sales after Christmas.

Switch Your Light bulbs

January is a good time to check all your light bulbs are working and replace them with more eco friendly bulbs. LED lighting is a sensible option as LED lights are much more efficient and better for the environment. They use far less energy than traditional bulbs and will save you a lot of money in the long run.
Chris Stimson is owner of Energy Saving LED. He writes on a variety of topics including energy saving, energy efficiency and LED Lighting.